A Templar's Plea

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A Templar's Plea
LocationRedmond Barrens, Seattle
Characters and Factions Involved
Bad Rep
Night Claws - John Holis
Satanist Cult (Enemy) New Knights Templar (Ally)
Casualties and losses

Night Claws (Minor injuries sustained)

Bad Rep (Heavy injuries)

Spectre (Cult Leader)

T0rm3nt (Dissonant Technomancer)

6 Cultists


In Redmond, there was a murder of a victim by the name of John Jo, who appeared to have been killed as if sacrificed in a 'ritual'. Mr. Johnson has requested the aid of shadowrunners to track down John's killer and bring him to justice.


The group met with Mr. Johnson, along with a private investigator at the scene of the murder (which the death of John Jo took place three days prior to the meet). Mr. Johnson appeared to be a member from the 'New Knights Templar' order, who was sent to Redmond on his order's behalf to vanquish evil threats. He instructs the objective is to not only find the killer responsible, but to eliminate him so he can no longer cause harm to others. The private investigator, a friend of Mr. Johnson, worked to keep Knight Errant or other official authorities off the group's back so they can focus on the task at hand.

The Plan

The plan was very simple. Find the killer and end him.

The Run

The group started off by investigating the scene. Utilizing their various skillsets, they discovered information from both John Jo's commlink, as well as matrix work done to gather locations of interest relevant to John Jo's activities. Interestingly, a faint taint of dissonance was also present at the scene, with the local security cameras having been tampered with by it. Johm was recently tied to a cult of dark magic users, originally recruited by 'Spectre', who in fact is the murderer in question. They also found John's next of kin, his brother Davis, who had previously opposed John's interaction with the cult, but he also worked at a Janitor at one of the nightclubs in Redmond. The group was able to meet with Davis to inform him of his brother's death, and in turn, Davis was able to reveal information of when and where John first met with the cultists.

With the information gained, the group traced the whereabouts of Spectre into a secluded hideout near a sewer, which appeared to be a cultist's domain. A dissonant technomancer was part of the enemy group, who was responsible for tampering with the local security cameras at John's house in the first place. There were multiple cultists present, who were all awakened. The party made their way in to battle them directly, and after a chaotic and explosive fight, along with gaining some assistance from the Mr. Johnson himself, they succeeded in eliminating the threat.


Humbled by the success of the job, the Mr. Johnson has noted that he'll keep tabs on the group for possible future runs...


5,000 Nuyen and 8 Karma




Well... we took out the evil sorcerers who were killing people. We did our job. I'm upset with our piecemeal assault. I'm surprised we weren't picked off one-by-one or ambushed once we arrived in their cistern. I cast a few powerful spells to bring the cabal under control while the rest of the team handled the leader. We pulled it off in the end, but it definitely could've gone better. I do look forward to hearing more from this "New Knights Templar," though.

Bad Rep

Run was pretty simple

The group was semi disorganised with some runners sticking out in the matrix the other meatslugging it then one of the mages even didn't bother to use a Link

Definitely felt like people weren't bothering to work together on this one til the very end.

I definitely favour the mages in this. They did most of the heavy lifting. I'd even argue the Gearheads are lucky they had a Technomancer on their side or they woulda treaded water. Well that and with me finding the mission crucial commlink that ticked us off to the location of the MAN IN A BLACK ROBE HANGING OUT IN A NEON DANCECLUB!

I still can't believe that ork was just standing there,menacingly. Never felt more ashamed in my life.

Anyways he just ran straight to his hideout like some kinda brainlet so it was easy enough for the Tecchies to follow him.

The Fight itself was over real quick,felt a bit electric in there. something deeply gutchurning,luckily I wasn't concious for most of that fight. That big guy packs a hefty punch.

Again grateful for the Mages there.


That was pretty easy for me, honestly. Those mages (and a techno? What was he doing there?) were on some absolute nonsense. Apparently the techno geeked themselves juicing for... Dissonance? too hard? The legwork was mostly what I did, and that was really easy. When we found out they were holed up underground, I was pretty worried that things were gonna go bad, but we were packing some serious fragging mojo. The J came in really handy at the end, and the mages we brought kind of embarrassed their mages, and the adept had no chance against the eighty-five drones we brought in. Still, it was pretty dicey towards the end, especially with the newbie getting a hole punched in her. In the end, I got a little rep with the "New Knights Templar", which is looking pretty good for me right now.