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Project Walnut started out as an attempt at creating a new class of pilot program, internally referred to as an Adaptive Pilot Program, that would be able to adapt to multiple chassis and thus allow the consumer to use one program for multiple different drones or vehicles. As code was compiled, reworked, and subjects to trillions of iterations of machine learning things began to spiral out of control as the program began to coalesce into an AI Core. The program was quickly quarantined into an offline host at the Caldwell offices and the test drones that it had been run on were destroyed while the management team tried to figure out what to do with what they had made. Ultimately a decision was made to terminate the project, the upper management agreeing to store the core in an offline datastore in case something of value could be done with it in the future and to continue their efforts at quarantining the core by dismantling the offline host they had stored it in. Unfortunately for Caldwell and their management team, early versions of the Adapative Pilot Program were snuck out of the testing environment, scattering partially completed parts of the AI's Core to spin up as independent protosapient AI's, while the fully sapient core itself was stolen by a team of Shadowrunners that didn't realize what they were getting into.

Factions Involved

Caldwell Microelectronics

Caldwell Microelectronics was found by Robert Caldwell, a Transys Neuronet programmer that was lucky enough to jump ship and form his own company prior to Crash 2.0. Caldwell Microelectronics weathered the crash and during the rebuild following it, has steadily worked to make a name for themselves in the 'soft business, starting with Knowsofts and Linguasofts, before branching out to Autosofts and Activesofts. While their programming is top notch, the thing that has really set their 'softs apart from the pack was the extra human touches programmed into them, Linguasofts that include idiom and colloquialism, Knowsofts that specialize in trivia in addition to encyclopedic knowledge, Activesofts with extra bits of flair, et cetera. While not enough to become popular with the mainstream users, Caldwell 'softs have a strong following with chip aficionados.

Recently they've been in talks with MCT-UCAS as the start of a potential buy-out.


  • Clean house and prepare for a buy-out from MCT-UCAS.
  • Avoid any fallout tied to the Adaptive Pilot Program project.

Seattle Dynamics




Caldwell Microelectronics Offices


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