Competitive Intelligence

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Competitive Intelligence
Part of Killer A.P.P.
LocationAuburn, Seattle (UCAS)
Factions Involved
Hot Mess
Night Claws - John Holis
Caldwell Microelectronics


Data-Swap at the offices of Caldwell Microelectronics. The team arrive in the guise of elevator repairmen arriving out-of-hours on a Saturday morning to repair the elevator trashed by Night Claw's matrix run the night before. Using the elevator shaft to gain access to the building interior the group successfully swap out one data module for another. After Hot-Mess successfully repairs the lift, the three runners leave via the front door. All the while bitching about having to work a Saturday.


The Run Post on ShadowHaven: The Shadow Haven ticker flashes with a new incoming job post -

"I require operatives to retrieve sensitive data being held in offline storage. It is imperative that the target be unaware the theft has occurred so discretion is mandatory."

The Meet

Four runners are invited to the meet, but only three make their presences known: Hot Mess, Mush and Night Claw. Unwilling to interact with any runner not present in "person" the Johnson, rather hypocritically attending via antro-drone, dismisses the forth runner and informs them their services will not be required. The Johnson wants a data-module in the target building swapped out for one provided by his drone under the stipulation that if the presence of the runners is discovered the contract will be terminated. He offers 16K and a completion date of one month. In the absence of a true face, Mush steps in and convinces the Johnson to up the payment to 18k in return for dropping the deadline to two weeks. Before they leave the meet, the runners discover why the Johnson wanted everyone present in the meat: Night Claw, the only runner who consumed anything at the meet, finds a stealth-tag on his person. This he eliminates by the simple process of re-booting himself.

The Plan

After doing their legwork Night Claw learns that the Corp operates a "forward thinking" 5x10 working week, with most employees having weekends off. The project manager responsible for the data-module in question, one Hamoud Qassim Mahamoud, will not be working this coming weekend. This proves to be a boon considering that Mush is able to ascertain, via astral scouting, that a spirit summoner with Egyptian or middle-eastern leanings is present at the location. Night Claw is able to confirm that the project manager has degrees in software and conjuration. This leads to their decision to infiltrate the building as repairmen on Saturday morning. On Friday night, Night Claw infiltrates the host again, inserts the team's contact data as the company's allocated out-of-hours elevator repair vendors, and then deliberately burns out the motor on one of the building elevators.

The Run

The three runners arrive wearing Ares Industrial jump-suits and talk their way into the building. Heading up to the elevator shaft, they climb downwards to investigate the rating 4 mag-locked room on the second floor. Mush and Night Claw remain in the elevator shaft while Hot Mess, under Improved Invisibility and Sound Barrier spells, infiltrates the building. They find a security spider behind the rating 4 lock, and a Doberman wandering the halls. The team then moves back to the third floor, where they use the same tactics to enter Mahamoud's office and make the exchange. Afterwards, Hot Mess simply repairs the elevator and the three runners walk out the front door, the data module concealed in a ball of wax in Mush's tool-kit, and bitch about working Saturdays with the security team at the front door.


The Johnson sends a Pelican drone to collect the data module from the runners. The runners are paid and go about their business.


  • ¥18,000
  • 3 karma
  • 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Mush: Frag me? Not only did we finish the run, but we even fixed the damn lift. I'm sure if we angle this right, we can get paid twice.