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A lot of this still top secret GM only thing shush shush, but if you're interested in helping me run a chain about mystery, intrigue and corporate conspiracy hit me up, I'm Jigurd#1092 on Discord.

Things That Are Known to Some

  • Someone has made sure at least two lifetime sentence inmates are released while all official documentation says they are still in prison.
  • One of those inmates had a prototype piece of cyberware installed relating to implanting, recording and transmitting memories. This device caused them to have all memories of another person.
  • These memories were from a former UCAS MARSOC marine who passed away from cancer nearly two years ago.
  • A third person had memories of an Ares elite security spider implanted.

Factions Involved

The Red Grins, a Puyallup razorgang

Benevolence for Veterans Fund, a charity group that gives funds to veterans.

Kaihatsu Neuratech, AA cyberware corporation.

Characters who have featured

Grant Rowland, former UCAS MARSOC marine murdered by Hector Sanchez, a man who should be in jail, and according to public record still is.

Mary Rowland, former CIA agent and widow

Solomon Hadley/Hector Sanchez

Hermes, AKA Alexander Sharp, decker who Night Claws has sworn vengeance against.

Oscar Amado, social infiltrator

Mamushi, a fixer and shadow operative.

Will Anderson and Patrick Stone, employees of the charity organization that were quietly dealt with for knowing too much.


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