Seattle Confidential

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Seattle Confidential
Part of Project Red Dragoon
Factions Involved
The Tupelo Mississippi Flash
Benevolence for Veterans Fund


Tupelo and Purkinje investigate the curious case of the escaped prisoner and his prototype headware.


Moth asked Tupelo to run down a lead from a run she was on.

First Blush

Tupelo does some initial recon. He talks to LS contacts and learns a few things, mainly that the warden of Silcox Island Correctional Facility is going to be running for Mayor, that Silcox Correctional installed an automated system that handles a lot of the day-to-day managements of Supermax inmate management, and that the employees at Silcox Correctional think that Hector Sanchez is still locked up.

Player 2 has Joined the Game

He brings Purkinje into the case. Purkinje starts doing research. Purkinje analyzes the footage from Hector's neural implant. She learns that he came ashore on a gravelly beach, near a treeline of pine trees, and as far as she could tell with ocean behind her.

With FAQ, she learns the purpose of the implant - record, transmit and play back memories in a way that would allow a person's memories and skills to be installed into any body with this implant installed, and transmitted back to another location once the body dies.

With some more research they manage to identify Hermes - his real name is, or rather was, Alexander Sharp. He was chief security spider for the Ares Mainframe until he died of a heart attack eight months ago. Furthermore, they learn that both Sharp and Solomon Hadley were paid large stipends by a charity called the Benevolence for Veterans Fund

The team create false identities of a veteran missing his legs (Tupelo), and his wife (Purkinje) and book an appointment at the Benevolence for Veterans Fund. While Tupelo distracts their case officer Will Anderson, Purkinje hacks the host and retrieves the company's financial files. She then snoops on Anderson's commlink. Tupelo asks Anderson about why Solomon Hadley got such a a large payout. Anderson seems confused and says he'll look into it.

From the files, they learn that one of the biggest donors to the Benevolence for Veterans Fund is a japanese AA cyberware company called Kaihatsu Neuratech.


Through the snooping, Purkinje manages to leapfrog her way to a snoop on the commlink of Benevolence for Veterans CFO Patrick Stone. They deduce that he has set a meet with someone at the Washington Park Aboretum. They follow him to the meeting and record this conversation with a man they later learn is a shadow operative known as Mamushi:

Mamushi: "What is it that is so urgent that we had to set a meet tonight?"

Patrick Stone: "Someone's on to us, man, this was a mistake, I should never have gotten into this-"

Mamushi: "Calm down. Tell me what happened."

Patrick Stone: "Some case worker asking about one of your guys. Says his client was a friend or something. Now this guy is looking through files.. he's going to fuck it all up!"

Mamushi: "Mr. Stone, please keep your voice down. Give me the name of the worker."

Patrick Stone: "Shit, uh... Anderson. Will Anderson. Are you going to handle this? Because if not I'll-"

Mamushi: "Do nothing. You'll go back to work tomorrow as if nothing is out of the ordinary, and let me handle this. I'll also need the file on the client."

Patrick Stone: "Yeah, sure, I brought it here. Some guy looking for new legs and his wife. You better get this fixed fast - we don't have time for slow-and-careful right now."

Mamushi: "There's always time for caution. Oh, another thing - never call me from your comm again. Use the burner I gave you. Good night, Mr. Stone.

They follow him back to a highly secure luxury hotel - the Warwick-Hilton Hotel. On the way back, they overhear Mamushi asking one of the bodyguards for dossiers on Will Anderson as well as Patrick Stone. The runners decide that a run against the hotel is both outside the scope of their investigation and beyond their means at this moment, and decide to report back to Moth with what they have.



8 Karma, the Speed Reading quality for quickly parsing a lot of dense documents, 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


This was some classic spy work. It was a pleasure working with Tupelo. Y'know, they say packet sniffing is dead as FTP, but you can more or less do the same thing these days. Intercept traffic and MMEI numbers, then follow the data trail. Eventually stopped dead once we ran into someone who knew what he was doing, but hey - we got pretty far!