Brother, Can You Spare a Dime

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Brother, Can You Spare a Dime
Part of Project Red Dragoon
Factions Involved
Captain Boomerang
Benevolence for Veterans Fund


The Gang is hired by Mamushi to assassinate Patrick Stone and Will Anderson. They kill Anderson in a staged burglary, and Stone by having Captain Boomerang hurl a golf ball at his head and making it look like an accident.


Mamushi is cleaning up after the information revealed to him in Seattle Confidential.

The Meet

Mamushi meets with the runners at the Starfield Bar and Grill. They agree to a price of 14k for the job, and another 6k for dealing with it quickly and quietly.


The runners quickly establish that both targets work for the Benevolence for Veterans Fund - Stone is the CFO of the company, Anderson is a case officer.

Stone is a fairly public figure, and frequents a golf club in Snohomish. He has a few bodyguards around him most of the time. He has made the fund a lot of money in the last few years.

Jormungandr scouts the golf course Stone frequents, recording the general layout with his Eidetic memory

Anderson is more of a drone - he handles charity applications to the fund, donates to charitable causes in Seattle, and seems to really care for his work.

Mute dives the Benevolence for Veterans Fund host, and manages to retrieve financial records proving that Kaihatsu Neuratech have donated significant amounts of money to the fund over the last couple of years - to the tune of several million nuyen a year.

The Burglary

The team decides to kill Anderson in what is to look like a failed robbery in his house. Jormungandr manages to talk Eisenjägerin and Captain Boomerang into the building. They convincingly act as common criminals, pick their way into Will's apartment, intentionally make enough noise that he wakes up, then kill him and leave the scene.

At The Golf Course

The team set a meeting with Stone under the guise of Morgan Kaunan, Jormungandr's real identity. They have lunch at the country club by the Snohomish Golf Course, and head over for a round of golf. At a pre-determined site, Captain Boomerang sneaks off into the treeline to channel a spirit while Jormungandr distracts Mr. Stone and his bodyguard and Mute makes a camera overlooking the spot conveniently pivot out of the way. With this setup done, Captain Boomerangs hurls a regular golfball at Mr. Stone's head with all his might, killing him instantly. He then sneaks back to the group while the bodyguard is trying to save his principal. Both Jormungandr and Captain Boomerang are detained for questioning by KE detectives but are ultimately let go, and the party head to another meet to get paid.


The J pays out the runners at a public park in Snohomish.

Mute is interested in learning more about why this happened. He researches Kaihatsu Neuratech, and manages to unearth rumours that they're working on something big, but he can't find anything specific.


20k nuyen, 2 karma, 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Captain Boomerang

That interview was fragging embarassing. I hated repeating that damn line "God rest him." It worked, though, I guess, so thanks for the line, J. Clean job, artfully done by all involved. Good, professional work from everyone involved.