Red Right Hand

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Red Right Hand
Part of Project Red Dragoon
Factions Involved


The gang builds on intel found by Purkinje and Tupelo to capture Mamushi.


The team stakes out Mamushi's hotel, The Warwick-Hilton Hotel. They know from their intelligence that He is going to send a henchman out to scout for locations for some sort of meeting.

They spot a car leaving the hotel driven by a man they saw driving Mamushi before. Using a small drone, they tail it on its business through town, eventually arriving at Starfield Bar and Grill and determining that this is where he meeting will be set. They stake it out, including setting up a few kinds of electronic surveillance and wait for this meeting to start.

The Meet. Hey wait a second, this isn't our meet!

After some time of surveillance, the team see a bunch of shadowrunners heading into the bar. They witness the meet for Brother, Can You Spare a Dime.

Once the other runners leave with their assignmentm, while Mamushi and his entourage of bodyguards are departing, the team strikes. They hit the bodyguards hard with grenades and gunfire, and quickly take down Mamushi's troll bodyguard. Purkinje takes out the enemy matrix support, and grenades and suppression force the driver and Mamushi back into the restaurant, where a few more grenades and a drone finish knocking them all out.

The runners drag Mamushi to a safehouse for interrogation.


Mamushi admits complicity in the prisoner abductions, and implicates Kaihatsu Neuratech. He also reveals that the Shotozumi-Gumi are involved in street-levelling kidnappings to supply Kaihatsu with additional subjects. He offers the runners some cash in exchange for letting him and his team go.


12k nuyen, 5 karma, 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Moth here. This is run #13 for me.

This was really fun. Not a run at all. Us just doing the right thing. And it was me, Dandy, Purkinje, and her drones. I could not have felt safer! My favorite people.

I felt like I helped in a couple ways. First, I figured out that the Starfield was a mafia joint, and that made us feel a lot more comfortable doing an attack there, on a day it was closed. Pretty sure they weren't going to call KE. And that was intel gathered while having a really nice date at an Italian restaurant with Dandy. How nice is that?

This fight was a thing of beauty. Of choreography. All I had to do was inspire Dandy and Purkinje. They had it so well in hand. Impressive stuff!

And I like that we didn't kill anyone. It was such a clean job, we got everyone down non-lethal. And that meant we were able to strike a good deal with Mamushi. He respected that we didn't kill his people.

There's more here to investigate! I look forward to continuing to figure this all out. And I hope Dandy and Purkinje are there with me every step of the way.