A Special Package

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A Special Package
Factions Involved
Night Claws
Finnegan Mafia
Casualties and losses
8 Killed


Runners where tasked to retrieve the asset from the Finnegan Irish Mafia. Along with that they have to kill everyone in the Irish Pub.


"Hey, I got a Job from a weird ass Johnson. This guy seems to be very stingy, seems to have a lot of money behind him. Take that however you will."

The Run

After getting 10 k from the Johnsons, the Runners stake out the place to which then the matrix user found out around the time of 2 am there won't be any civilians, Still Kara put forth an idea of using a dead elephant to ram into the building but due to rolls they could not get that. So then around 2 AM they attacked the place to then killed all the combatants there but caused damage to Warlock. They went inside and at the basement they found a human baby. Just that those who are astral awakened are very much sick from this and caused stun if they are there long enough. They took the baby to the people that hired them who are wearing Guy Faux masks and got the rest of the credits.


20k Nuyen

1 Karma

2k each extra for killing everyone in the pub.

Player After Action Reports (AARs)