Rush B

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Rush B
LocationMoscow, Russia
Night Claws
Trash Panda
About 6 security guards
1 Whistleblower
Casualties and losses
Most of Hydra's health 6 guards


The team nabbed the target and escaped from Russia alive


The Draco Foundation was in communications with an EVO whistle blower regarding something (Will continue in a future run), but EVO cut them off and began plans to move them somewhere where they had much tighter control over their communications.

The Meet

Draco Foundation brought the team to Washington FDC to discuss their pay and work. The team accepted after a short discussion.

The Plan

Hydra would spray down the building the target was in with her HMG while Trash Panda would fly up to his floor and break him out. Night Claws would provide matrix support in the meantime.

The Run

The plan worked, but Hydra suffered major damage during the fight, nearly going into overflow. HTR arrived before they could escape, but luckily the team was on their way out anyways.


Draco Foundation got their guy, and will begin planning a future attack on EVO.


20,000 nuyen, 3 karma, +1 faction rep with Draco Foundation

Player After Action Reports (AARs)