Carmilla's Debutante

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Carmilla's Debutante
Part of Coronation
Location(Target site of the run)
Factions Involved
Trash Panda
Night Claws - John Holis
Amelie and Jean-Baptiste
The Night Throne


Amelie is advancing her agenda regarding Barytech and their past treatment. Since the last Barytech head in Seattle perished, a new one was assigned right in time to helm a new R&D Symposium. Team is hired to make sure one particular individual succeeds - a Graduate student with a heart of gold that Amelie is interested in - while simultaneously embarrassing the other attendees of the symposium.


Amelie has never thrown away all of her history and often looks into Barytech and Saeder Krupp research to see either what could be destroyed to cause the most damage - or taken to provide a better quality of life for her "kingdom".

The Meet

Amelie discusses her desire for Barytech to suffer, and how she wants the researchers at the event to suffer. She cannot provide much detail about what the Symposium entails, but hands them a basic brochure stating time and location of the symposium.

The Plan

The team begins doing research, where Nightclaws tackles the Barytech server ...and the dreaded SK Patrol Geckos. Nightclaws begins by analyzing the guest list for the event, finding both Lydia Flurette, Amelies Mother, as well as two prominent SK military/security officers. Nightclaws also finds that an individual close to Lofwyr - Karoline Langshutze - will be attending the symposium. Meanwhile Trash Panda snuck into the actual mansion where the event was being held, and assessed The Lady Flurette, Amelies mother, as well as Karoline - who is revealed to be a Drake. The team decides to proceed further with the plan, infiltrating the party via sneaking in through a window, as a plus one, and as assistants to those presenting.

The Run

Upon sneaking into the party, the team splits up to do it's various activities. For the various Presenters:

  • Wilhelm Walter Kreutz: Nightclaws deactivates the chemical harness for the hellhounds while Trash Panda excites the beasts, causing them to maul and kill the individual.
  • Laurenz Buller: Trash Panda kills off the pre bound mage to humiliate the doctor in front of everyone.
  • Serena Latticia & Klaus Gruber: Team exposes Gruber's unfaithfulness to Latticia, wherein she deactivates the safety system they had put in place for guns, resulting in a castrated Gruber.
  • Mark jacobson: Nightclaws finds that Mark has been participating in illegal activities using his data interception and recording software, Nightclaws sends this information to KE discreetly, who then hauls off the doctor in question
  • Johan von Kriegston: Was trying to develop a super soldier serum, but always failed. gave it to Kitsune as a demostration - and the project failed on its own, however Kitsune made it appear even worse than it was.
  • Carrie Miller: Was the only one who was not messed with. She presented her material and - while not as useful as the others - was the only program to not fail spectacularly.


Lydia Flurette is promoted to Barytech head in Seattle,


  • ¥24,000
  • 3 Karma

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