Filling Coffers

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Filling Coffers
Part of Coronation
Location(Target site of the run)
Factions Involved
Trash Panda
Night Claws - John Holis
Amelie and Jean-Baptiste
The Night Throne
Desert Security


Team is hired to collect manufacturing equipment and precursors for drugs and pharmaceuticals. Team succeeds, and eliminates a convoy protecting the truck full of chemicals.


Amelie has secured a foothold within Seattle, but now she must obtain some measure of income to keep her gains afloat. Through the recruitment of "Fred" the Wendigo, She is able to manufacture pharmaceuticals and drugs - both items used frequently in the Redmond barrens. She hires runners to obtain the chemicals - from Barytech, the company who made her a vampire - and also requests the murder of a Barytech Exec.

The Meet

Amelie shows off her grand new and impressive "Throne Room" - Some of the teem recognize her, others are introduced. They agree to the contract and proceed to leave the new throne room via a ladder - which has a Spider on it. Kani tries to shoot the spider, but shoots Nightclaws instead.

The Plan

Team established a plan to strip the data and production equipment from the headquarters and escape amidst the confusion as Kani executes a Barytech executive. Once completed, the plan was to ambush the convoy with the chemical precursor chemicals that "Fred" could use in the production of chemicals by Redmond citizen use.

The Run

The heist goes off smoothly thanks to Glamour's use of Incubus shroud and the disguising of the team to be the guard's replacements. Upon completion of the heist - which included torturing Nightclaws with more screaming geckos as he accessed the files - Kani spots the helicopter with the Executive approaching, and also sees that Amelie's mother is riding along. Kani executes the executive but does not get a bead on the mother. The team then ambushes the convoy, with Kani getting mowed down after halting the convoy with her sniper. She does not die and is eventually brought back via regeneration. Paladin snuck into the target vehicle and killed the drivers. Trash Panda killed spirits as well as a giant back up spirit in one hit...oh well.


An entire platoon of soldiers lie dead on the highway - outside of major go-gang territory with DU rounds in a corporate executive and APDS (Or DU, I forget) rounds through military armor vehicles. Barytech is going to be cracking down on security - especially in Redmond.


  • ¥26,000
  • 4 Karma
  • 2 CDP

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Starting to feel like helping these siblings in the first place was a mistake. I tried to see past their affliction, and... no. All they care about is control.