Location, Location, Location

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Location, Location, Location
Part of Against all odds - The OtherCon story
LocationRedmond Barrens
Result Runners extract trafficking victim, steal data undetected
Factions Involved
Evans Doyle
Night Claws
Shadow Corp
Casualties and losses
None None


Members of OtherCon have gone missing recently, and a representative has hired a team of shadowrunners to find out what happened to them.


In the past few weeks, members of the Seattle SURGE community OtherCon have been going dark - not responding on the matrix, not showing up anywhere in meatspace, nothing. Concerned, a Johnson posts a job for more information on ShadowHaven.

The Meet

The runners meet a Johnson who did not give her name (Deulara Leorel of OtherCon), but appeared to be an arctic wolf changeling. After agreeing to the offer of 6,000¥ each for detailed information about the disappearances, the team is sent an address for a building of some sort in the Redmond barrens as well as profiles on the missing persons.

The Plan

  • Research the address and missing persons
  • Infiltrate the building to recover paydata and/or extract kidnapping victims

The Run

Running parallel matrix searches, Purkinje and Night Claws were able to determine the building in question was a premillennial concrete structure in the barrens that was currently owned by a mysterious business named ShadowCorp. Little information existed on this apparently no-name shell company, but rumors on the streets of Redmond indicated people were seen coming and going to the office at all hours of the day, even outside of normal business hours for a small company. Little information was discerned about the missing persons except they were all changelings affiliated with OtherCon who had gone missing recently in sequence; their locations were not on the matrix, it would seem.

Casing the physical location of the office revealed it had been retrofitted with a wireless security system and a reasonably strong host for a small business. During a stakeout, Howler assensed the area and through a life detection spell was able to determine a wounded, unconscious person was brought into the building's garage via a car that had left recently. Night Claws and Purkinje teamed up to crack the host and brick a terminal slaved to it through repeated use of resonance spikes so that no attack could be detected.

After waiting a time for a call to be made to tech support, Howler cast Improved Invisibility while Purkinje made her way for the front door pretending to be a matrix security specialist. With knowledge of the bricked device, a helpful apparent intention and professional clothes, she conned her way inside without much trouble, clearing the way for Howler to detect the location of the wounded changeling. Tapping into a terminal to provide wireless access, Purkinje makes way for Night Claws and his fault sprite to assist her on matrix searches to locate a map of the building and plans on the kidnapping scheme. Using the location data from the spell detection and the building plan, the team determined a route through the building that would give access to the wounded person with as little resistance as possible.

The team decided to keep things quiet. Purkinje seduced a couple of guards into not noticing as an invisible Howler slipped by and made her way to the extraction target. The person, a squirrel-girl was unconscious; Howler chose to leave her unconscious so she wouldn't cause a ruckus, instead turning her invisible and levitating her unconscious body out soundlessly. Purkinje convinced the guards to join her in a break room so they wouldn't be able to feel the presence of strong spells as Howler made her escape.

Just then, the actual tech support team showed up. Purkinje left the break room after giving a fake number to the guards and pretended dispatch had double-booked the tech support professionals. They seemed to buy this long enough for Howler to get out. Purkinje returned to the car to get moving as quickly as possible.


The unconscious changeling woke up and didn't seem to know much about the situation, though she admitted to being a member of OtherCon. The team dropped her off at a requested location before sending the Johnson the paydata and informing her of the rescue. They opted not to negotiate for a bonus in light of the rescue, instead doing it pro bono as a token of goodwill towards a future relationship with the client. The Johnson was more than pleased they had obtained the paydata and rescued a faction member within a day without being detected at all. She wired the agreed-upon payment.


  • 6,000¥
  • 4 karma
  • 2 faction rep with OtherCon
  • 1 street cred

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Purkinje's After Action Report

As I said to the Johnson, Evo is to the SURGE community in a similar way that MCT is to technomancers, and I stand in solidarity against our corporate oppressors. With what information we were able to dig up, we pulled off one of the smoothest runs I've ever been in. Damn it feels good being in and out before anyone ever notices. With two hackers on our side, a sorcerer and muscle for backup? They never knew what hit them - and it's better that way too, for the sake of the people on that list. We could've taken the Johnson for a few more thousand nuyen based on that performance, but I think it'll pay off more in the end if we let our reputation speak for us. That Johnson's definitely gonna recommend us to other clients, and it doesn't hurt that we were working for the people on this one either. You put in the legwork and get in good with people, it pays off in the end. This is why I run the shadows. It was a pleasure working with everyone!

Howler's After Action Report

It was late when she finally made it home. The job went well. It was nice and smooth. Really, she couldn't complain about it. In fact, if she had anything to complain about it would have to be the fact that she couldn't have done more.

Howler, like many people, believed in doing the right thing. Unfortunately, not everyone seems to be able to agree on which thing is actually the right one. But this time, this case, Howler was certain she had done the right thing. The team was only supposed to find information on missing members of the SURGE community. They weren't being paid for an extraction. Extractions were risky, but generally appreciated when the extractee happens to be there against their will. After finding the data, there was no question in Howler's mind that they needed to rescue the newly kidnapped SURGE that had just been brought in. Besides, whatever data they bring back won't account for her. This was her best shot.

As Howler lay in her bed, safe and sound in her newly formed magical lodge, she quietly congratulated herself on the little tricks that got the squirrel SURGE girl out. A little illusion and some levitation, along with a useful distraction... All too easy. She could feel Coyote's approval. She knew she'd have to work on her bag of tricks more, the same trick won't always work. But that was a problem for tomorrow.