Cubic Zirconia

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Cubic Zirconia
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven The Chulos
Colt Walter Gangers with Shotguns
Latino Viking Samurai Ork Adept
Casualties and losses
None Shotgun Gangers
The run was a partial success. Though Colt Walter was knocked unconscious, the message was delivered.


Colt Walter is hired by a mysterious Mrs. Johnson, who asks him to start a fight and win it. She additionally asks him to leave behind a small black box.


Ms. Johnson wants to show her ex that she means business, by returning the engagement ring he got her. Colt’s job will be to deliver the message, even if he’s unaware of it. The gangers will be easy to find, Ms. Johnson has set up a drug deal in the far East of Puyallup right in the Chulos gang territory.

The Meet

Loveland’s Quinn’s 20:00 (Puyallup)
The nightclub is dark, illuminated only by the neo-rave lighting. You see gang-chic and military dress rubbing up against each other. The bar is just as crowded as the dance floor, but the booths seem almost abandoned. Almost.
Colt has a quick discussion before agreeing to the run.

The Plan

Get close, strike hard, strike fast.

The Run

Colt drives into gang territory, parking a couple of blocks away. He leaves behind his shotgun and sneaks his way over to the location of the "drug deal". After setting up his point of ambush he leaps into action. The fight is brief but decisive. 2 Gangers go down and Colt is knocked unconscious. Lucky the Adept left searches Colt's body and recovers the box.


Colt wakes up in a street doc's clinic, and is gently reprimanded but also rewarded for the partial success.


4k Nuyen (2 RVP) 4 karma (4 RVP)

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