Colt Walter

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Colt Walter
Adept Cowboy
(Short Blurb)
Discord@SCRoOby Rew#9079
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
D.O.B.july 17th 2056
PriorityMetatype - E
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - B
Skills - C
Resources - D

Character Information


A Modern cowboy, born and raised by two loving parents, his father being apart of the Lone Star Rangers, following in his father footsteps he became one too, but when his father dies in a drug raid by the hands of a ganger LT named Angelio Santos, he goes searching for answers and revenge, this leads him to killing a fellow officer who had a hand in his fathers death, and then? his badge stripped and Disgraced, but with one man down he still had one too go, Angelio Santos.


-Find Angelio Santos and get him to confess and then kill him for the murder of his father - dismantle any and every operation that Angelio has his hands in - live to to tell the tale


Colt Walter born on July 17th 2056 , a man of few words.. and yet its as if you can feel the ghosts of his past follow suit where ever he goes.

As a kid Colt was was a troublesome child, causing trouble where ever he went, but even for all the misbehavior and roudeness, Colt was a good kid at heart, for which you could thank his parents for, his dad being a lone star agent for the Cas Sector in Denver, and his mom being a loving stay at home mother.

As Colt grew up, there was only one thing he wanted to be, a lone star agent just like his father and his father before him, because if it wasn't that he end up working the land, farming just like the others.

knowing what he wanted to do with his life, Colt got to work practicing and learning what it meant to be apart of the Lone Star Rangers.

from shooting to combat, he learned all he could before he could join the Lone Stars and when he finally turned 18 Colt had signed up to the academy for LS on July 20th 2074, the next two years would be full of constant training (which with all the extra training from his dad helped greatly) on tactics and battle strategy, making him into the best ranger he could possibly be, and after his two years in the academy, at the age of 20 he was fully enlisted in to the ranks of the Lone Star Rangers on June 3rd 2076.

Colt would go on (for the next 3 years) to show exemplary skills not only with his marksmanship but also situational expertise, giving him the nick name of the iron tiger.

life was going swell for Colt intel a tragedy struck close to home.

on august 23rd 2079, his father, Winston Walter, would be brought onto a drug raid mission, they were to apprehend all the narcotics and men of a well known drug lab ran by the Chaves family, when the operation was excuted they not only found the drugs but also a well known LT named Angelio santos, a firefight ensued, ending with Colts father being exctued by Angelio and him getting away scott free. After that Colt took a downward spiral, spending all his time and effort and resources on finding Angelio Santos, This would eventually cost him greatly.

4 months after his fathers death Colt had stumbled apon some information that would send him on the hunt for a officer jinko, the one who caused his fathers death and allowed angelio to escape that day.

he tailed the officer to a underground casino, and followed him in, as He stalked the man from behind he could feel his anger and rage building but before he could end the mans life he wanted to hear him say it, so when the man walked into the bathroom he followed him in and jammed the door, he then procced to beat and torture's the man, when finally he confessed, stating "your father had gotten to close so they had to put him down" and Colts response? "Then I Guess its time to do you the great kindness you did my father and do you the same" and shot both his legs, then his arms, and then one shot into his forhead.

eventually Lone Star found out he was the one who killed officer jinko, but being he was the son of officer Winston, and along with the evidence of officer jinko being envovled with the Angelio Santos, they handled it in house.

Colt was striped of his badge, and he was permenatlly retired from Lone Star, along with losing the respect and trust of most of the Lone Star Rangers.

after all was said and done Colt set his sights on a new path, to find and the other man, the one who pulled the trigger. and he doesn't care what he has to do to get angelio Santos, even if it means becoming a shadowrunner

Narrative Significant Qualities


"SharpShooter" - got to be quicker than the bad guys when you draw your weapon

"Ambidextrous" - in the academy for the Lone Star rangers you learn that one gun is good, but two guns? That's even better

"disgraced" - everyone is innocent intel proven guilty, even if you know they had a hand in your fathers death, so killing another Ranger before then kind of defeats the purpose


"Vendetta" - I got 2 shots in my Winchester with Angelio Santos name on them

"Impassive" - when you done what I have done and seen what I Have seen, you stop being afraid altogether

"Insomnia (basic)" - its hard to sleep when all you see when you close your eyes is your father being buried and can hear the crying of your mother.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Cubic ZirconiaL23 June 2083



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Maria Gennaro 2 3 Fixer Professional Bounty Hunter The Pauper Gentry, Respect The Hustle, Trickle Down Economics Even
Chuck Person 3 2 Gear Weapon merchant Welcome to Gun Show!, Ammo Nation, More Dakka, BFG Even




In Character Information

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Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result


fake SIN rating 4 with Fake License 4 (Adept License) , Fake License 4 (Weapon License) , Fake License 4 (Bounty Hunter's License)


when you see Colt, the first thing you will notice is his walk, and in the way he walks is how you can understand that he is built firm and steady, the stride giving off this feeling of purpose, each step taken, is taken with reason.

his eyes are that of a deep hazel, making it most enjoyable to make eye contact with him, but something you will notice is how it feels more like a predator staring down prey when he makes eye contact back at you.

looking further north, you will notice a well kept beard and a dead looker, just by looking at the beard you can tell its soft and lush, which is attached to a sturdy jawline, and even though he has aged well in his years, dose not mean he has not had a hard life all those years, evident by just barely noticeable crows feet and slight dry streatching of his skin.

looking at his hands will tell you of how much work he has put in to familiarizing himself with his weapons and those of similar make, slightly rough on the tops of his hands, and when turned over noticeable calisus and scars from cuts. and finally on his back there lies a large scar from a incident that happened couple years back...he doesn't like to talk about it


what rests above his wonderful locks of hair is a leather gamblers hat, with a black leather buckle around the circumference of the hat, it is also lined with a bullet proof material.

Colt wears a bomber jacket made of a deep brown leather, underneath that is a vest slightly off color of the coat with 3 bronze buttons and with a Tan Long sleeve "cowboy cut" shirt underneath.

as you go down south you will notice him wearing Walnut Frontier pants and tecova styled lone star Bates- Brown tactical boots, his name can be seen eached into the back ankle part of the boots.

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