Cyberware Manifesto Renamed Unwanted EVOlution, Denounces Evo in Self Titled Album

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By Hoffman_Lens (483 Posts)

Posted on 2080-06-01 at 03:14:23 UTC

In a surprising move, Ork Punk Rock band Cyberware Manifesto has renamed itself as Unwanted EVOlution after they say that their missing drummer was found inside a secret Evo facility. This facility, they claim, was continuing to conduct CFD experiments. Worst still, these experiments claimed the lives of an untold number of Orks and Trolls.

Unwanted EVOlution stands as a warcry against Evo and rejects their corporation as a symbol of the Orc and Troll community that they claim to be. You can feel the passion and raw, nearly unproduced sound of the record as a band which just finished a year long world wide tour searching for their friend funnels rage on to optical chips. The album is bold, with a 4 minutes, 53 second guttural call out to Evo’s CEO to turn themselves into the Ork Underground’s High Court for their crimes called “Up Your Buttercup”. The music then addresses the community, with “Don’t Buy Their Drek” addressing unethical testing standards, “No, We Never Knew” addressing Evo produce blunders that endangered the health of community members overlaid with Evo PR specialists denying clear facts.

“You are Lawless” and “You are Purely Dishonest” are heart pounding anthems that address Evo’s involvement in CFD and how they, along with Aztechnology and the Corporate Court itself, used Neonet as a scapegoat.

The album then goes to a track called “Interview 1 - Return to Home”, an eerie recounting of what the missing Cyberware Manifesto Frank Parker remembers as his time as a SSU 221.

“Deprogram” is an amazing return to the drums as Frank Parker drums for the first time in a year.

“Interview 2 - The Streetdoc” is another very stark audio track with Ork Underground street doctor Dasha Sliva. The interview confirms some of the cyberware as military grade.

“Artificial State of Being” is another heavy drum track with lyrics that depict the slow madness of having your mind rewritten alive. This track makes fresh the horrors of CFD that the corporations have tried to bury with their cures.

The album cover is also stark with semi-censored medical images of all the new cyberware that Glenn Parker has, as well as his SSU 221 barcade tattoo.

Evo was contacted for comment, but of course they denied fragging everything.