A Shadowrun Based on Set Your Goals' This Will Be The Death Of Us

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A Shadowrun Based on Set Your Goals' This Will Be The Death Of Us
Part of Unwanted Evolution - A Punk Rock Tour
LocationOffshore Evo Facility, Seattle
Result Frank recovered and Evo facility sunk
Factions Involved
Cyber Knight
Frag Face
Casualties and losses
None 30+ SSU-221 units and Unknown number of support personnel


Our team are caught somewhat on the back foot by the call from a panicked Johnson insisting they tune to an archaic radio frequency rather than attempting to organise a meet. Our runners tune their myriad equipment to the given frequency and our met with the voice of a bewildered male ork, whom the J designates as an extraction target from an unknown location.

Cue the grilling of the Ork, who we are told is named Frank, for ideas of his location. Through cross referencing of the armor he is wearing, descriptions of his surroundings, and insight provided by our boys, it's determined that Frank must be located at an offshore Evo blacksite, home to the developnment of SSU 221 units.

Planning and Negotiation over pay ensue.


Despite the deteriorating mental state of Frank over the airwaves, seemingly inflicted by intentional CFD infection, the J has not yet acquired the funds with which to pay for the work, instead holding a fundraising event later that night in their community.

The runner attend and perform, it's all very spinradical.

A mutual friend of Frank and the J offer to lend the team a souped up Ares Venture by which to transport themselves to the offshore platform, and they gladly take him up on the offer, assuring him they'll bring it back in one piece.

Thus ends the extent of anything that could be called a physical meet, with the runners being paid 40,000 Nuyen a head upfront.


With Scooter taking control of the Ares Venture; Cyber Knight, Rabbit, Marionette and Frag Face gear up and heft their equipment over to a small private airstrip and get ready to roll. Once all armor and weapons are strapped to their personages, Scooter kicks the venture into gear and they streak off over the sound and out to sea.

As they approach the blacksite, Scooter pulls the craft to a slow and the team resolves to scout out the compound with his advanced sensor drone before the lot of them just go crashing in there, and it proves to be a reasonable idea until it comes to light the majority of the opfor are insanely matrix competent and start Data Spiking the living drek out of his kit. Scooter manages to get his drone outta dodge relatively safely and the team decides to hit fast and hard before their window of opportunity closes.

With extremely adept piloting, the Venture is brought into a hot landing at the site rooftop and the other 4 pile out and begin inflicting sweet hell on the 15+ units atop the roof. Scooter evades concentrated fire intended to ground him while CK, Rabbit and FF cleave through the SSU221 like a hot knife through butter. Marion provides fire support after verifying that none of the opfor are the extraction target.

Several Krime Wings are present on the rooftop, and are quickly annihilated so as to prevent them destroying their VTOL egress.

Clearing out the rooftop guards and response team, the ground squad descends into the site to locate the target. With minimal resistance, the group spends a scant few minutes swiftly clearing the facility while the control center begins to sink the facility to flush our intruders to the surface.

Finding Frank in a stasis container of some kind, his CFD controlled persona attacks the group and Rabbit quickly incapacitates him via nerve strike.

In order to avoid HTR interception within the structure, FF punches a hole in the wall of the building and the 4 runners swim out into the ocean, intending to surface at the rooftop and board the VTOL. However, bloodlust overcomes pragmatism and Cyber Knight leads the group to flank the HTR team with his Radar sensors, having FF bust a hole from outside. They slam into the mid-preparation HTR team and set among them, cutting the lot of them to ribbons. Marion loads Frank into the VTOL and sprinkles grenades into the fight, given a lack of underwater-functional firearms.

Frag face spots a scientist who he believes he knows and can extract information from, and the team manages to extract him intact through liberal application of body-guarding tactics.

As Cyber Knight and Rabbit dispose of the corpses on the rooftop post-fight, Marionette spots incoming HTR aircraft that the team is unprepared to engage, and hastily abandon their dawdling and egress via Scooters' evasive piloting skills.


Frank is successfully returned to his compatriots, and the borrowed Ares Venture is safely handed back over to the relieved owner.

Frag face has possession of an EVO scientist related to his situation, he becomes of him is as of yet unknown.


40,000 nuyen. 10 karma. +3 Street Punk Scene. (-3 Evo, -3 SSU 221 to obvious runners)


  • Scooter
  • Marionette
  • Cyber Knight Nothing like slicing down an entire building with a sword and the fighting HTR underwater and pwning the ever living shit out of them. Taking advantage of the ork people were they. Fuck em.
  • Rabbit