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LocationEvo Blacksite, Russia
Result EVO blacksite detonated, many shifters and SURGE saved (maybe)
Factions Involved
Frag Face
About 20 Corpsec engaged
Countless other corpsec/civilians



Draco Foundation had a mole inside a Russian EVO blacksite who suddenly went dark. The team was sent in to retrieve their guy and blow the place after Draco found out that blood magic experiments were being performed there. The mole was locked up in a secret jail in the bottom of the site.

The Meet

The runners met up at the Draco Foundation HQ after taking a plane and staying in a hotel paid by DF. During the meet, the runners were highly interested as they all had a collective hatred for EVO, they just wanted to destroy a building with little regard to other things like pay. The Johnson arranged for them and their gear to be dropped off about 10km from the site in a buggy to get there and back.

The Plan

The plan consisted purely of Frag Face punching a hole through everything in his path. Marionette would find a way to destroy the building, while Yata and Rambozo would be there to assist. No legwork was performed, leading to many complications during the run.

The Run

The team made their way into the site, setting off the alarm in the process. The security forces allowed the runners into the basement mostly uncontested, setting up small ambushes and gas traps, as well as attempting to crush them with an elevator. The team's Frag Face acted as the team's breaching tool by dealing 40P+ per punch against any wall or door in their path. After retrieving the mole, they decided to go up the site floor by floor looking for the reactor room. Corpsec made the team's trip up very difficult, turning elevator shafts into choke points to fire grenades down. The team found the chief engineer who, after some persuasion, told the team the location of the reactor. After reaching the reactor room, they devised a plan of using a block of C4 and about 20 grenades to cause it to go critical. Security forces tried caving the team in, with no success. After the team left, they started the self destruct mode in the reactor, which gave the team 3 minutes to escape. Security forces tried regrouping and reengaging the team at a choke point while leaving traps along the way. The final engagement proved unsuccessful, but the runners took lots of damage in the process via grenades and lucky shots.


The reactor successfully detonated, but sadly the most valuable workers escaped. The mole survived, and EVO took a huge hit to their research.


68 RVP | 60,000 nuyen/120,000 nuyen worth of gear | 37 karma | +1 Street cred | +1 faction rep Draco Foundation | -150 faction rep EVO | 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Frag Face

Wooo! Terrorism! Against Evo! Yay! Explosions! (Some of them centered squarely on me but DETAILS!) We even saved some other test subject. A great time, over all! The Johnson wanted us to take out some underground blacksite, and he even offered to pay! Ha, silly Johnson, destroying Evo drek is enough payment in and of itself! We got right to it, too, on the plane, then to Siberia, then there we were. It was damn tough, at points, and they did me a good number, but it was nothing we couldnt survive. The team was the best, I mean, I couldn't have asked for better. Marionette hates Evo almost as much as me and Yata, and damn is he good with a gun. Yata fragging hates Evo, which is great and ramby... Well, ramby left 19 HE grenades in the nuclear reactor, so he's great in my books. But yeah, we got to free Evo prisoners, I got to punch walls and corpsec, and we got to witness a real ass nuclear meltdown in the end! What's not to love?


Certainly not every day that we're asked to hit an EVO black site, especially not one in Siberia. The Johnson picked the perfect group for this one, barely had time to negotiate for the opportunity to get some improved 'ware before we were out the door and on the plane. There wasn't much resistance on the way in, other than an enemy rigger getting tricky with an elevator, but once we hit the fourth floor, things started getting interesting. We asked no quarter and gave none, found our extraction target, and then fought our way out, after making sure that this base would be completely destroyed after we were gone. They tried caving in the bunker on us, but thankfully there was enough space to dig our way out, and make our escape. Mission Accomplished, Black Site destroyed, millions of nuyen in research and years of time lost... I'd call that a successful day's work.


Ramby has many claims to his name, using Devil Rats as a legitimate strategy, using the modular limbs from Urban Brawlers to play the sickest game of "Stop Hitting Yourself" ever, and the invention of the Novacoke CreampieTM, but never has he ever been resposible for a nuclear explosion... UNTIL TODAY, BABY!!! When he got home, he put together an edited montage of clips from his guncam set to the 5th world song "We Come Together" by the band Goldfish. The ending of the montage was a mostly unedited segment of the team walking through the Siberian snow, singing a sea shanty, all the faces blurred except his own. They continue to sing as the clip goes on and they drive the buggy away, almost as soon as they stop singing, a nuclear blast is seen behind them, ending the clip. This was uploaded to his fan website, RambozoWorld.fun.