Decker's Delightful Dealership

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Decker's Delightful Dealership
LocationTacoma Seattle
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Decker's Delightful Dealership
Hare Trigger
Hatano Mori
Reggie Decker
Air Spirit
Car Homunculus
Casualties and losses
Reggie Decker
Grasshopper had his SIN burned, needs a new lifestyle


Jorgy Peterson hires a team of runners to steal a car from his rival.


The Meet

Hare Trigger is told the wrong location for the meet by her fixer, Tanya. Fortunately the other runners are able to get her to the right place. At the meet, Jorgy Peterson tells them about his rival, Reggie Decker, and how Reggie has a SAAB Gladius that he covets. He offers the runners 16k nuyen to steal the car for him, and the runners agree.

The Plan

Grasshopper sends up an advertisement drone advertising Jorgy Peterson's "Fine Cars and Vehicles" over Reggie Decker's "Decker's Delightful Dealership" to get some visual information on the place. Reggie, having seen many advertising drones from Jorgy Peterson, attempts to hack the drone (which fails). He then uses a drone of his own to make air wakes to shove Grasshopper's drone away.

The runners do a quick tier 1 matrix search on Reggie Decker and discover that he is a mage, a rigger, and a decker. The next day, they then decide to hit the facility, where Hare Trigger and Poppy would zip-line into the place, Grasshopper would shoot Reggie Decker with sniper drones from 300m away, and Hatano Mori would attack the Air Spirit patrolling near the car. No more legwork is done.

The Run

Things immediately go sideways when an assault rifle shell comes hurtling towards Hare Trigger. The team had been detected by Reggie Decker's Detect Enemies [Extended] spell, and so he fired at who he assumed were coming to kill him. Hare Trigger drops to the ground to avoid the shell, then a shell comes towards Poppy who also drops to the ground from the zipline.

Reggie Decker is fighting off the runners, who are on the backfoot, along with his bound Air Spirit. Eventually Grasshopper manages to punch a hole in the wall Reggie is hiding behind using a sniper rifle while Hatano Mori holds off the Air Spirit. This causes Reggie to turn his attention towards Grasshopper, who then destroys two of Grasshopper's drones. Meanwhile Hare Trigger and Poppy make their way to the SAAB Gladius and attempt to break into it, which triggers the Anti-Theft 3 System. Hare Trigger then attempts to break open the window and jump in, but the car itself attempts to dodge; the car is a Homunculus.

Hatano Mori quickly flies over and smacks the car's soul out (which does unfortunately damage the car) while Grasshopper finally manages to get a hit on Reggie Decker, killing him, who had been sustaining Combat Sense the entire time with the aid of Psyche. Hare Trigger and Poppy then get in the Gladius and drive away.

The team heads to Grasshopper's place in Tacoma to repair the vehicle, which takes 8 hours. On their way to Jorgy Peteronson's place they are followed for a while by a KE patrol car, who asks for Grasshopper's SIN. Unfortunately, the SIN comes back as an issue, and the KE patrol follows him for an hour as he drives around town. Meanwhile, KE manages to get two marks on Grasshopper's RCC and uses Trace Icon to continue to monitor him on the matrix. He eventually meets Jorgy Peterson at the Yacht Club. KE then asks Grasshopper to come in for questioning as a Person of Interest regarding the murder of Reggie Decker. Grasshopper then drives to the Redmond Barrens and lets his SIN burn.


Grasshopper lost a SIN and a lifestyle. Jorgy Peterson has a new used SAAB Gladius and his rival is dead.


  • 16k nuyen or double that in SINs up to 15 availability - 8 RVP
  • 8 karma - 8 RVP
  • 2 CDP


  • Everyone: Dealer Connection for -3 KARMA, Jorgy Peterson (Connection 3) at Loyalty 3 for -5 RVP
  • Hatano Mori: Too Pretty To Hit for -3 KARMA
  • Poppy: Agile Defender for -3 KARMA
  • Hare Trigger: Adrenaline Surge for -12 KARMA (so 8 karma from the run + 4 GMP)
  • Grasshopper: Grease Monkey for -8 KARMA, Jorgy Peterson (Connection 3) at Loyalty 5 for -7 RVP

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