Devil's Bargain

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Devil's Bargain
Result The team was able to successfully eliminate the target and sow chaos in the convention at the Metro Plaza, downtown
Factions Involved
Roger McCarthy
Casualties and losses
5 elite pvt security personnel, Roger McCarthy


A fallout between two members of Humanis, led to one of them (the Johnson) hiring the runners to kill his rival, Roger McCarthy and thus cement his position within the policlub, uncontested.


The meet took place at the Node.


The team recruited another PC mid run to do hacking and one of the runners agreed to split her pay. The team scouted out the area and sewers and used explosives and dynamic entry to put down the target and the guards, although the guard's retaliation did mess up the runners quite a bit in legal, non lethal way (using toxin filled capsule rounds and screech rifles).


The Johnson used the footage taken by the runners during the fight and used at as campaign material to fuel the fire of metahuman hate. Blaming the killings on metahumans, and secretly killing his rival. He managed to kill two birds with one stone


20,000 nuyen. 3 karma

Player Characters


10,000 nuyen. 3 karma

-Met some weirdos at a bar with drugs laced in the coffee. Pretty nice people though.

-Staked out the building, called my girlfr- I mean decker roommate Y3 to help

-Decided to break disguised as workers, then went up, got changed and started killing people left and right

-Escaped through the sewers, and stayed the night at the Ork underground

-Found out it was a setup, and the Johnson was a Nazi, frag that guy


10,000 nuyen. 3 karma


10,000 Nuyen 3 karma

  • Not a bad Johnson, to be fair. It sucks a little that he used my face without permission but, he paid well, and while he wants the destruction of my race, I couldn't have had a happier meal.


- Got drek off orks in the underground again, but feel like I got in reasonable well with them.

- Super secure meet at some weirdo decker bar in a faraday room, pretty clandestine. Hired to kill a room full of Humanis.

- Scoped out the place for a while, did our homework.

- Almost got fragged by some acursed rats in the sewers, messed up by damn suit.

- Decided on breaking in through a side door while posing as workmen, making our way up the 11th floor where the target conference is taking place, wreck the joint and scarper through the sewers.

- Plan went off without a hitch, team took a bit of heat form the guards with narcojet, but I powered us through.

- Forwarded the footage to the J and got paid, the Humanis fuck.