Diamonds Are Forever

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Diamonds Are Forever
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Koche
Cyber Snake
Koche Security Service


Itako, Uber, Shimmer and Cyber Snake are hired to take a bunch of red beryls from a convoy guarded by an incompetent security company.


Koche Security Services was hired to transport a box of gems to the airport.

The Meet

There wasn't a meet, all the runners just got calls telling them who the other runners were and where the dead drop site was.

The Run, Part One

The runners set out to gather information. They first stopped by the airport that the gems were to be delivered to's host, where they found that it would be Koche Security Services that would be providing security for the gems. To find out more about the company, Itako calls them, posing as someone interested in maybe hiring their services. She finds that they are incredibly cheap to hire, they subscribe heavily to the saying of "quantity over quality," and it seems as if their employees only meet the bare minimum to be considered security contractors, if that. The runners then decide to observe their operations physically. Itako and Cyber Snake watched their office from the library across the street, and finds that they usually send out multiple convoys of ridiculously old vehicles so would-be attackers wouldn't know which convoy's the real one. Shimmer sneaks inside their office to find out what the convoy they're deploying for the gems job will be. It consists of two GMC Bulldogs, one Toyota Gopher and one Ares Roadmaster, all equally dilapidated, as well as 23 security guards.

The Plan

The plan the runners devised was to have one of Itako's earth spirits locate which the correct convoy was, have Uber follow and PIT that convoy, then send Shimmer out to steal the gems while the guards were still recovering from having crashed.

The Run, Part Two

Itako summons the earth spirit, who finds the correct convoy easily, as well as discovers that the gems are being kept in the Roadmaster. Uber PITs the roadmaster, sending it crashing into the side of the road. Somehow, BY SHEER FORCE OF WILL, the guards survive the crash, but are quickly set upon by Cyber Snake, who dives out of the car and starts biting them. Shimmer and Itako get out too and Shimmer opens up the back of the Roadmaster while Itako tries to get the guards to stand down, to moderate success. Itako and Cyber Snake knock out the rest of the guards while Shimmer opens the box in the Roadmaster with the gems in it. The team takes the red beryls, along with some of the less expensive gems that were also there, for their personal use. They head off to the dead drop site to leave the gems for whoever hired them to pick up.


Koche Security Services fails what was probably their biggest job ever, and the team gets a bunch of nice shinies.


20,000 nuyen

3 karma


Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Cyber Snake

SNEK SNAKS ARE THE MOST TASTIEST THING EVER!!!!! Oh also I jumped out of the moving van and bitten the guy in half while flying and found some shiny rocks or something.


That was fun! Got to sneak into an incompetent security company's office without them suspecting a thing, and got to get some shinies for myself and Emi.


I can not believe there are security corporations that are that bad at their jobs. At least Kost liked the gems.


Well, two firsts today: I got to use my oil slick sprayer and I got to feel instant regret as the whole convoy immediately crashed into the divider... It looked rough! At least they had a lot of personnel protection in there, I was just going to assume everyone was dead. Maybe I'll save these tricks for more competent drivers in the future so I don't wind up with a kill count exceeding Doyle's...