Directing the fury

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Directing the fury
LocationSeattle, Renton
Status Success
Factions Involved
Goverment of Seattle Humanis policlub
Units involved
Security kilbo
Mister Sarcarian


The runner met the Johnson at a office where they discussed the job of performing a red flag operation, the runners were mostly irritated by the blatant racism.


The runner went to the location and began the operation to destroy property, security was aware of the danger coming to the building and prepared for them with a hidden high level security team. They were engaged by the team and managed to overcome the new threat. then they fled the sight being in sight of the cameras to blame an ork/troll rights group.


The runners got paid and the J was happy with the result.


u/Cypher_Ace as kilbo
Rewards:22000 Nuyen and 1 karma

u/KPsyChoPath Mister Sarcarian
Rewards:22000 Nuyen and 1 karma

"Can i just say i still hate humanis? So job meet was standard, standard when it comes to humanis that is. Blatent racism, was overall nice. But the job itself was easy and we got to work quickly after leaving Meet location. We strolled up to the place we needed to hit and prepared ourselfs, then we got to work. Me and 1 other runner began taking care of the guards outside as the third runner went inside and began planting the firebomb. He also snatched a radio off a knocked out guard and began calling for a immediat evacuation of the building, making sure no civis got hurt because of this. Me n the other runner dealt with the guards but were then suprised as HTR suddenly stepped out a van that had been there from the start, we all quickly got a sinking feeling the J had.. "Leaked" our plan to attack the place. But the HTR were dealt with aswell as we 3 combined were a powerhouse compared to the HTR. After that our job was completed, and we left. But moral of the story, Frag Humanis"

u/SCKoNi as Booker
Rewards:22000 Nuyen and 1 karma