Doctor Alcome

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Doctor Alcome
LocationDowntown, Seattle
Result Meumonica was captured and Renraku (probably) retrieved the vaccine data from her data lock.
Factions Involved
Runners working for Opti Unknown Technomancer
Commanders and leaders
Units involved
Casualties and losses
None None
An unknown Technomancer saw the job take place.


Nanoglobe (A NeoNet Company) was recently sold off and snapped up by Renraku. Among their projects was a promising line of research toward a possible CFD vaccine. The lead scientists, fearing Renraku would bury their research or at best slow progression to ensure a highly profitable launch, decided to smuggle the research data out. Since Renraku had locked down all of Nanoglobe's data, the scientists had to hire a data courier to copy download an encrypted copy of the data. Her mission, survive the sprawl for 48 hours, rendezvous with her contact, pass the data off. Null Sheen.


The runners are told to drop what they are doing and come to the Westin in downtown Seattle. Akula, Queen, and 8-Bit arrive and are escorted to the 39th floor after overhearing a somewhat heated conversation between the hotel manager and a corporate suit. It seems there is something of a mess on the 39th floor. On the elevator ride up, the bellhop confirms there was a some action a few hours ago including a broken window, and gunfire.

Upon arriving to room 3912 the runners are greeted by quite a few high end Renraku security agents. Despite the heat the runners are whisked in to see Mr. Johnson. Mr. J, a Man clearly ill at ease dealing with these situation lays the job out plainly "Recover the data courier, alive, as well as the data package. You have a limited window, hurry."


The runners begin their hunt reviewing the security footage. The courier, Mneumonica, is clearly augmented to the gills for speed and data storage. In addition for moving lightning fast she was able to easily survive a leap out the window. The runners also learn she is meeting the data buyer in 48 hours, the clock is ticking. Using matrix searching and clues gathered from the scene, the runners learn quite a bit about Mneumonica:

- Known Associates: Slick Rick, Yolo, Guando. - Has worked with the Triads and frequently Wuxing. - In addition to her obvious cyberware, Mneumonica is awakened. - Mneumonica is known to enjoy dancing, in particular the Rave scene.

A bit more digging and the runners uncover a rave happening near Seattle U that sounds just up Mneumonica's alley. The runners arrive to the rave, Akula uses her drones to scout the place, Queen dives into VR to gather information using the rave's cameras, 8-Bit watches the crowd and keeps an AR window open to help the others. Mneumonica is spotted and things begin to go downhill quickly. Queen encounters matrix dangers and spends the bulk of the run from here forward unable to speak. Akula's ride gets reformatted and shut down. Mneumonica clearly has help and they have alerted her to the danger.

Mneumonica sprints out the back door, she clearly wasn't expecting Rotodrones and a decker with wired reflexes. Before she can hit top speed she is brought down by a hail of Gel and SticknShock. Her allies try to assist by dragging Mneumonica into their ride and trying to get away. Akula handles the meat space, while 8-bit hacks the getaway car using Garbage in Garbage out to turn the accelerator into the brake. With Mneumonica and her orkish pal down for the count, all that is left is to turn the courier in and get paid. Before that can happen, 8-bit receives a strange file on his deck:

<<<New File:>>> The courier is carrying a possible cure for CFD. Her buyer is Opti, he will distribute the data freely to everyone. We can work together to find a cure for this horrible disease. Your employer wants only to profit from the cure, please do not interfere.

8-bit raises concerns that the runners should talk this through and consider giving the package to Opti or copying the data. Akula and Queen reason that Renraku would be aware of any tampering with the data and that we should deliver the courier to Renraku. After all, it isn't like Renraku won't want to find (and sell) the cure so they wouldn't be stopping the cure.


Opti received a message from 8-bit with the location the runners deposited Mneumonica. Her data lock was a tough nut to crack, maybe he can stage a rescue before Renraku obtains the data.

Renraku received the courier and pays the runners.


48,000 Nuyen plus 5,000 expenses and 4 Karma

Akula 16,000 Nuyen Queen and 8-Bit 18,500 each.

Player Characters




Whew, that was a close one. For better or worse, I am a runner now but didn't I leave the Corporations behind because I wanted more than profit to drive my actions? Sure Renraku will probably use the cure but wouldn't it be better to spread the data to the world? Is 48K worth my integrity? At least I slipped a note to Opti, maybe he can get the data after all.

Mneumonica was just doing her job, same as us. She might have survived too if she had decided not to spend her time in a dance party. Fast as she was, she should have been able to smoke us, guess that is why we came in witha plan.

Akula was scary as drek. That is one tough Russian Vory rigger. I was lucky to have her on my team but wow was she intense. I will be going out of my way to stay off her bad side.

Queen, wow technos are weird. This one more so. Still she did her job and was at least as good in the matrix as me.

All in all it was a good days pay for one more thing to lose sleep over.