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Freelance Matrix Consultant with Combat Experience
Sledgehammer Jack[1]
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
Titles and Awards0
D.O.B.February 16th 2054
Metatype - E
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - B
Resources - A

Character Information



Use his specific skills and gear to maintain the life he was accustomed too. Upgrade his deck. Make the Matrix a place of style and substance where the best are hailed for their savvy and the only people getting brain fried really deserve it.


Daniel Wyatt used to be Lonestar, not that he'd ever tell anyone that. He was assigned as decker to a Tactical Team that dealt with "complex threats" in a College Station. As a member of this unit he was expected to go on raids in the physical world (typically as second or third team). To keep up, the Star outfitted him with Cyber and Bioware. In addition to the ware he picked up training in a broad array of skills useful to the corps. Though not the most charismatic he nonetheless learned the corporate skills of getting along with and leading other people.

His luck with Lonestar changed the night he was called on to eliminate a "serious matrix threat" attacking the university. The intel was solid and the threat seemed substantial, Wyatt went into digital combat with the target and utterly obliterated it. It wasn't until later that the "enemy decker" was found to be some dumb kid pulling a prank. The kid now totally brain-fried, changed Wyatt's life.

From that day forward Daniel swore he wouldn't do permanent damage to others in the matrix, you just don't really know who is on the other side of the icon. This code spiraled into being unwilling to damage even devices. His unit was remote enough that these, "quirks" didn't get him in too much heat. That changed when he began pushing for more transparency in use of deadly matrix force. His superior officer, who was sympathetic but stuck due to politics, offered Daniel a choice: "face the wrath of the company for stirring the pot or falsify records showing himself KIA and leave the city."

Daniel took the latter choice and left with his skills and gear and moved to Seattle where he hit the streets. Despite a radical shift in his outward appearance, he hasn't really taken the leap to calling himself a Shadowrunner. He's a "freelance matrix consultant with combat proficiency" but the skill set is the same and the jobs pay the bills. David hasn't accepted the slumming it attitude of many runners and still expects the comforts he enjoyed as a member of a Megacorps. Though he prefers "legitimate" work as a matrix security specialist, he doesn't mind taking jobs with professional runners. When he does this type of work, he goes by the moniker 8Bit - in honor of the kid he fried.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Honor Code: Like a Boss

  • While there is some of the typical “brute force doesn’t show any skill” happening here, a big part of this quality stems from the dumb decker kid 8-bit brain fried back when he worked for Lonestar.
  • 8-bit isn’t a pacisfist, not even a little. He does have significant issue using deadly force unless he is sure of his target and the need. This applies to meatspace and digital.

Creature comforts: Middle Class

  • 8-bit may not miss working for the corps but he for sure misses the comforts that go with it. He hasn’t mastered roughing it and the perceptive eye can probably tell the shadows are pretty new to him.

Run History






In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

But for his blue hair and laid back attire 8bit looks like he could be a cop. His armored coat is clearly security surplus and he open carries a cavalier deputy. No undercover cop would be so obvious.

Matrix Search Table

  • What like the really old school video games?
  • A few years back some gang punk decker with a radioshack deck used that name, heard he got geeked.
  • There is a Matrix and Physical Security consultant in Seattle who favors a retro 8-bit style persona
  • Omae, I heard a lonestar combat decker IC'd 8bit.
  • Chummer not only did that combat decker IC 8bit, he felt so bad afterward he left the Star and faked his own death.

Shadow Community Table


David Ward - UCAS "Freelance Matrix Investigations"


Youngish looking human of slightly taller than average build. Clean cut but with neon blue cyber eyes and hair to match. Despite the armored jacket he hasn't quite shaken the telltale signs of being raised as a Corps kid.

(He's found clients didn't find his natural look to be sufficiently "Matrix Savvy") On a run he tones it down (or up) as needed. He tries to strike a balance of standing out but no more so than anyone else plus sometimes when all the cops have to go on is "Neon Blue Hair" a quick dye job is a great disguise.


An obvious fan of Victory (Ares) casual wear. Most days you'll catch him dressed for comfort like the professional middle class citizen he used to be. On a run he tends to go for military or security style fatigues.

Matrix Persona

  • Most times 8-bit rocks whatever persona the host designates.
  • When left to his own devices or when trying to show off, 8-bit rocks retro game characters as a person. His favorite is a stylized black mage.

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