Lonestar Data Steal

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Lonestar Data Steal
LocationDowntown, Seattle
Result Data device was secured for KE.
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Lone Star
Units involved
Casualties and losses
None None


Rebecca Smith, KE Johnson wanted a data device held by Lonestar. It was scheduled to be shipped out within 24 hours. She sought out a runner with intimate knowledge of Lonestar procedures to recover the device.


8-Bit was summoned to the meet at a higher end club in Seattle. It was a straight forward affair between professionals.


8-bit wasted no time (as there was very little to spare). He learned the device was being held in a minimally secured Lonestar Facility awaiting transport. A combination of meat space recon and matrix searches confirmed there were only two entrances, the heavily guarded and monitored front door and the employee lot. Deciding to attempt the time honored fake pizza delivery scheme 8-bit attempted the employee gate. Sadly the guard decided to follow procedure and deny 8-bit access.

One hopped fence later and 8-bit used a company car to gain access to the Matrix host. It was a simple matter to M.A.R.K. a door and secure entrance. Upon gaining entrance to the facility, 8-bit relied on his extensive knowledge of security and Lonestar to con his way inside. Anyone he couldn't fast talk was placated with company procedure and promises of commendations for their attention to detail.

Ducking into the bathroom, 8-bit dove into the host again to monitor the camera feeds. He located the black box in the secured IT area. He realized he would need a badge and selected a poor sap who looked like he'd be an easy target. Leaping from the bathroom he tased the elf into submission and stole the badge he needed. With sir elf bound in the men's room he knew the clock was ticking. A lot of fast talk, regulation spouting, luck later and 8-bit had the black box. By this time the facility was on lockdown as the matrix security was concerned about repeated hacking attempts. Lucky for 8-bit they never got a trace off and had no idea he was already inside the building with the target.

The run was very nearly a bust when repeated attempts to hack a way out were met with stiff matrix resistance. Eventually 8-bit managed to get enough MARKS on a window to open the security shutters and slip outside (after wiping the video feed). A guard got a shot off but as 8-bit was focused on escape and not combat he managed to get away with the target.


Ms. Johnson was contacted and 8-bit handed the package off. All in a day's work.


8,000 Nuyen plus 3 Karma

Player Characters


Wow I didn't realize how much I missed the more structured days of working security. Yeah this time it was for KE and I was at best a freelancer but chummer did this remind me of my Lonestar days when I worked the Red Team. I took a stab at securing a steady gig for KE, anything to keep the nuyen flowing and to maybe feel a bit like my old self. Johnson wasn't having it though she did suggest more jobs could be on the way.

The run itself went smoother than it had any right to, guess I have my experience with the Star to thank for that. Still the limits of my deck were tested and I barely managed to keep up with my lies. I need to practice my fast talk if I am going to take more runs like this.

Drek I had fun! Nobody got hurt, at least not really. Hopefully I'll line up another run again soon.