Doggo Run

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Doggo Run
LocationRedmond, Seattle
47°37'42.0"N 122°01'48.4"W
Result Dog fighting ring run and owned by the Chrome Rats gang was disrupted, and the animals rescued and released to Jaelisha
Factions Involved
Yokai (Dusk)
Alias Nova
Chrome Rats
Commanders and leaders
Casualties and losses
6 Chrome Rats


When Jaelisha narrowed down the possible location of a newish Animal Fighting ring run by a small time gang, she turned to Shadowrunners to disrupt it and rescue the animals involved.


The meet was an uneventful meeting in an abandoned lot in Redmond. No negotiation was attempted, all runners deciding it was a good deed.


Armed with the vague area of the Chrome Rats, Alias Nova took to the streets, finding the location of the night's fight.

With an hour and a half before the scheduled fight time, the team decided to send in Alias Nova and Vergil early, as the two were the most likely to blend in/not stand out, while Yokai and Kilbo found the back entrance in preparation.

Inside, the duo find a number of gang members, alongside a few obvious corpmen. The animals, mostly canine's, but a couple larger felines, are kept in too-small cages, and even to the untrained eye appear... malnourished.

At a signal from the other two, Yokai and Kilbo kick in the back/emergency exit and chaos ensues.

The corpsmen and non-gangers immediately scatter for the exits, while the 4 runners decimate the half a dozen gangers.

Once all are dead, the call goes to Jaelisha who arrives with a few other men with larger vehicles to take the animal's to her place of business.


Jaelisha has new animals to care for and Yokai has a new Hellhound to care for.


Player Characters


5 Karma and 6000 Nuyen. Jaelisha at Loyalty 3 and a Hellhound

AAR: Its amazing how many people take pleasure in the suffering of animals, yet when they are subject to the same suffering their screams are far more louder than the animal's cries. I were hired by Jaelisha to put an end to an animal fighting arena and so I did. I rained thunder and lightning on their heads and spared no lives. The animals were safe and I personally adopted one of the hellhounds. I shall call him Senor Chimichanga, after my new favorite spicy food in this country. Come now Chimi changa, we are going home. My job here has been done.

Alias Nova

10 Karma and 0 Nuyen. Jaelisha at Loyalty 3.


5 Karma and 10000 Nuyen. Jaelisha at Loyalty 3.


5 Karma and 10000 Nuyen. Jaelisha at Loyalty 3.