Don't Copy That Floppy

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Don't Copy That Floppy
LocationOrk Underground
Result The Ork Underground has better Matrix reception.
Factions Involved
Light Marster
Ork Underground
Local Gangs
Units involved
Gang Thugs Devil Rats
Casualties and losses
No runners. Some devil rats.


The ork rights group Tusk Pride has decided that the state of the Matrix in the Ork Underground is simply too drek to be ignored, so they are going to hire some people to improve it for them.

The Meet

The Johnson set the meet at a hotel in Touristville, with not much significant to set it apart from other such establishments in the area. Light Marster performed some research into both the Johnson and the location of the meet to attempt to detect anything untoward, but though the Johnson was new to working with Haven members, he seemed legitimate. Knox also turned up early and waited across the street to observe any arrivals. Knox arrived just before the meet. Light Marster did a quick sweep in the Matrix for suspicious activity, but found nothing out of the ordinary for Touristville.

The Johnson was waiting in the room and each of the runners were handed keys at reception which would activate and become functional at precisely the time of the meet.

The meet went very quickly and easily. We were to be given a collection of Matrix nodes and a series of locations at which to install them. Collectively, these devices would improve the matrix reception for most of the Ork Underground. The team attempted to negotiate and managed to bargain up from 4k nuyen each to 6k nuyen each if they also managed to repair a few other nodes that had gone silent. The team accepted and began to go about their work.

The Legwork

The decker searched online for information about fauna and local gangs in the area that they might have to contend with. The other two members leaned on their knowledge of the Ork Underground and its gangs to think of further information to help.

Knox declared that he needed to acquire some new hardware for this run, so Samuro introduced him to Crazy Hassim. Crazy Hassim is a kebab salesman and arms dealer who operates rimarily out of the Redmond Barrens. Knox acquired a new assault rifle and some grenades, and tested the might of his stomach against Hassim's kebabs. With his stomach shown to be sufficiently iron, the team elected to meet up at the Big Rhino in the OU before they headed to the first node.

The Run

The team met at Big Rhino, and then proceeded to their first node. Devil rats were heard but Light Marster looked up an audio file of a Barghest howling, and upon playing it over his speakers the rats fled. Light Marster made a copy of the file for later use, and provided a copy to the other team members. They encountered the Tusken Raiders gang who took issue with the presence of an outsider like Light Marster. The other two members of the team, speaking Or'zet, managed to bribe them to leave. Node 1 installed.

At node 2, a pair of local toughs decided they also took issue with the presence of outsiders, but before hostilities could break out the skittering of devil rats cased the thugs to flee. The devil rats attacked Knox and Samuro as Light Marster hid behind them, but the rats were unable to effectively harm them. Samuro managed to knock a rat unconscious and decided to keep it. Light Marster declared that was not coming along in his car, though changed his mind and allowed Samuro to keep the box in his lap, putting Samuro's balls on the line if it woke up and began to chew its way free. The thugs returned to claim the devil rat corpses as food and demanded that Samuro turn over his new pet. Light Marster, annoyed by them decided to open fire. Samuro provided additional support in the form of a flashbang as Knox closed the distance to employ his shock gloves. After he took down the first, Light Marster bricked both of the smartgun systems, causing the second thug to attempt to flee. Knox pursued and managed to knock him out too.

Three more nodes are installed free of incident, but on their way to the fourth node they find a collapsed tunnel, forcing them to proceed on foot. More devil rats approach, and Light Marster employs his barghest howl. The rats continue approaching, so the team sets a frag grenade connected to a motion sensor and book it. The grenade explodes taking down the rats, and the tunnel. They now have to take a long and roundabout way back to the car.

Several more nodes later, they hear a car approaching. Light Marster uses his knowledge of vehicles to identify it as an Econovan. The team takes cover and lets it drive past. Trog rap is blaring over the speakers. The van drives past, unaware, heading towards the cave in. The team continues on and manages to install the last of the nodes.

They call the Johnson and ask him to meet them at Big Rhino. At the meet, they show the signal map of the installed nodes and the Johnson checks his reception. It has indeed improved, and the payment is released from escrow. Lunch is had by all after a job well done.


The Matrix reception in the Ork Underground has been improved somewhat, thanks to the team and the Tusk Pride organization. Samuro has a 'pet' devil rat.


  • 6 Karma
  • 6k Nuyen apiece.
  • +1 Street Cred
  • +2 Rep with Ork Underground

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

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