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Knox (Evan Harper)
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Face, Busker and Tuskless Wonder
Human Physad who grew up with Orks
MetatypeHuman (ork on the inside)
Street Cred8
Public Awareness0
D.O.B.March 5, 2058
FolderMonkee Business
Sum to 10Metatype - E (Human)
Attributes - A (24 (12))
Magic - B (Physical Adept)
Skills - B (36 / 5)
Resources - E (6,000)
ApprovedJuly 7, 2018

Character Information


Evan Harper is a human physical adept born into a family of orks. His magical abilities are possibly an incomplete expression of his ork heritage and are keyed into his music. He is turning to the shadows to earn a living after a disastrous attempt at a music career.

Ork on the Inside

Evan Harper was born as a breeder throwback and the runt of an ork litter of five. Growing up without tusks in the Underground isn't to be recommended, his mouth got him out of more trouble than it got him into and he could roll with the punches the rest of the time. Even as a runt, he could keep up with the neighborhood kids and even though they could hit a little harder, he was always quicker. His ability to talk his way into trouble (and then back out) was always entertaining to the other kids, especially with his ability to imitate others. He often ran "point" with a pack of kids picking the pockets of tourists in the safe zones. His father was a foreman of a work crew that worked on building and maintaining the ventilation system within the Underground and all the Harper kids spent some time helping him out. His mother was a nurse in a medical practice set up inside the tourist zone. From his litter, Both brothers and one sister followed their father onto the work crews and the second sister is now a tour guide in the tourist zone.

He picked up his first guitar when he was fourteen. It was a junker dropped by a street musician after a firefight. He ducttaped the cracks and researched first how to tune it, then how to try playing it. Even though he was making more noise than actually playing at first, something clicked inside him and felt whole. He even earned some cash after a while by playing in the tourist zone.

Evan moved out when he was sixteen. It's a little late for an ork, but as a runt he was always a little behind with his development. The Harper abode was filling up quickly and his treatment from other orks was getting rougher since he was no longer a kid. He headed to the surface, found a squat near a Tacoma casino and busked for money on the nearby streets.

Colossus Forever

Youth and music work like rare earth magnets on the streets. Evan's busking and wandering led to him bumping into other young music lovers. Little by little, a group collected themselves together in a converted flat where they could make as much noise as they wanted. As they noodled and jammed over those first few months, they slipped into roles that enhanced each other. Evan picked up the role as bassist, Rodney settled in behind the drums, Tony turned the guitar into a living being while Jake and little June sang and backed them up with synth, guitar and keys as needed. A nu-metal band with an ork on the drums and a strutting halfer who could scream like a succubus or whisper like an angel generated a lot of street cred and tore through the southern burbs of Seattle.

Colossus was born.

This is when Evan felt his magic stretch out to its fullest. He's always had the magic, with his mimicry and orkish eyes, but it fully flowered during the constant sessions. He could step up to someone with DNI-control of a synth-guitar in a bass battle and turn their eyes up in their sockets with his speed and raging funk. It was almost as good as the sex that came after (yes, young hormones had their day).

Cal Fracked

After tearing through southern Seattle, Colossus headed further south into CalFree to raise their profile and grasp the golden ring of a studio contract. It only took a few months to find an interested manager, but as they sat down to actually sign the contracts the manager was running his legal checks. "They were only formalities," he said. But there was nothing formal about how he kicked down the door and tossed Evan out of his chair. In a stroke of the worst luck, Evan's SIN didn't hold up in the checks and now the manager had an "almost" band and not a complete product. Both security and law enforcement were called and Evan made like a rabbit while Rodney raised a little Kaine to stall them.

Evan had to run and Tacoma was the only place that made sense. The band's suite was already locked down, so he had to pawn whatever he had on his person (a little rock star bling) and talked his way onto a ferry heading north.

The Aroma of Home

Evan disembarked in the Port of Tacoma completely broke and defeated, but at least he was home. He slunk back down into the Underground and almost had his head caved in by a couple of young orks who took him for some kind of trespassing poser. The only thing that saved his neck was his mother on her way home from work. Mom voice, the only power in the universe that can ice the bloodlust of orks.

He started building himself back up from square one and started working odd jobs for family, trying to move back up in the Tacoma above where it was a little safer for him. He was referred to the King's Bounty, where Maria Gennaro started giving him some small jobs. She even sent him on some crews to clean up after a fight (janitor-style, nothing fancy). You've never truly lived until you've cleaned out the latrine of the Spikes membership hall after Taco Night.

It's been two years since he fled CalFree. Evan managed to set up a decent squat in an old janitor's office inside an industrial office park over in Tacoma Station. He picked up an old harmonica from a pawn shop and has been eyeing a couple of guitars hanging there real hard. Maybe another day.

Colossus is touring Europe these days. They found a smoking Keebler who has legs for days to play bass. She's not as fierce as Evan was, but she seems solid. He stops by and checks on Rodney's mom from time to time. Always good to back up a friend.

So Maria finally gave him the nod and its time for him to step up. Time to slip on the trodes and find himself a gig.


  • Earn a good living.
  • Earn his tusks (respect).
  • Reconnect with his music.
  • Figure out a little philosophy (Ork on the inside, but human on the outside. Which one is he?).
  • Maybe even set up his own club or studio (with a magical lodge, though he doesn't know that yet).

Narrative Significant Qualities

Adept Abilities

  • Astral Perception (SR5 309)This power allows you to bridge the gap between the physical and astral realms and see into the astral plane. Since you’re dual-natured while you’re using astral perception, you can attack astral forms when you use this power.
  • Authoritative Tone (2) (SG 170) +2 Dice to any Opposed Social Skill Test that they initiate (normal limits apply).
  • Combat Sense (1) (SR5 309) +1 Dice Pool to defense tests against ranged and melee attacks. Allows a Perception Test before a possible surprise situation.
  • Enhanced Perception (2) (SR5 309) +2 Dice to all Perception Tests and Assensing Tests.
  • Improved Physical Attribute (AGI) (SR5 309) +1 to Agility.
  • Improved Reflexes (2) (SR5 310) +2 to Reaction and +2D6 Initiative Dice.
  • Improved Sense (Low-Light Vision) (SR5 310) The one vestige of his orkish heritage.
  • Kinesics (2) (SR5 310) +2 Dice Pool to resist Social Tests and tests to read my emotions like Judge Intentions, Assensing or truthfulness tests. Complete control over nonverbal and subconscious cues and communication
  • Kinesics Mastery (SG 172) Allows two adepts with this ability to communicate with each other while using solely non-verbal cues, such as body language and minute facial expressions, and natural subconscious cues. Communication in this way requires adepts to have direct line of sight and be close enough to read each other’s facial features and body language, whether through natural, augmented, or magical means.
  • Melanin Control (SG 172) Allows the adept to change the color of his skin and/or hair to that of another ethnicity/metatype, limited to the colors normally found in metahuman genetic expressions. The shift costs a Complex Action and lasts for (Magic[6]) hours.
  • Nimble Fingers (SG 173) +1 Dice to Palming Tests, to Performance Tests with musical instruments requiring use of the fingers, and (at GM discretion) any tests where small tools or items are used. Also, the Simple Actions Change Gun Mode, Insert Clip, Remove Clip and Use Simpel Device are now considered Free Actions.
  • Voice Control (1) (SR5 311) Can change voice's pitch, modulation, tone and volume at will. Can mask voice and imitate sounds and mimic the voice of others. Opposed Test using Impersonation+Charisma[Mental] against Ratingx2 of device or Perception+Intuition of NPC. Also provides +1 to Social Limit.

Metamagic Abilities

  • Initiate Grade One - Power Point (SR5 326) If you’re an adept, you gain a Power Point instead of a metamagic. You can take this as many times as you like.
  • Initiate Grade Two - Masking (SR5326) You learn to change the appearance of your aura (and astral form). You can make it look mundane, or make your Magic Rating look higher or lower by up to your grade. When someone tries to read your masked aura, the Assensing Test becomes opposed by your Magic + initiate grade—if they get any net hits, they see both your mask and your real aura. If you can use astral perception, you can even make your aura look like a different type (like a spirit or a focus—great for astral costume parties). You can also use this metamagic to mask the auras of as many of your bonded foci as your initiate grade

Positive Qualities

  • Bilingual (5) (SR5 72) English and Or'zet are Native Languages.
  • First Impression (11) (SR5 74) +2 Dice Pool for relevant Social Tests during the first meeting.
  • Inspired: Performance (4) (RF 147) +1 Dice Pool to Performance Tests and an additional Street Cred of 2 among fellow musicians familiar with my reputation from my time with Colossus.
  • Perceptive (5) (RF 148) +1 Dice Pool to Perception Tests, including Astral and Matrix Perception.
  • Perfect Time (5) (RF 148) This quality provides a +1 dice pool modifier for Performance Tests involving timing and rhythm, along with an additional Free Action during every Action Phase.
  • Water Sprite (8) (RF 151) his quality provides a +2 dice pool modifier to all Diving and Swimming tests, as well as tests related to holding your breath and treading water.

Negative Qualities

  • Allergy to Wheat and Gluten (Common, Mild) (10) (SR5 78) -2 Dice Pool to Physical Tests while under the influence [ingestion?] of wheat or gluten.
  • Motion Sickness (4) (RF 33) Experience Nausa when either accelerating at 3 or higher, or moving at a Speed of 4 or higher. Nausea disappears in [seven] minutes after Speed and/or Acceleration drops to normal. Nausea (SR5, pg 409) incapacitates the character with vomiting and dizziness for 3 Combat Turns and doubles all wound modifiers for [seven] minutes.
  • Ork Poser (6) (SR5 82) This is a bit of a mix. Evan is not a poser and actually hates posers since they have the gall to take the cheap route when he was actually born to orks. It also represents the trouble he experiences from orks who don't know him when he travels in the Underground, as they commonly mistake him as a poser. And there is also the story of the Tuskless Wonder, a breeder born from an ork, that pisses Evan off.

Major Skills

  • Perception (14)
  • Impersonation (13)
  • Con (12)
  • Etiquette (12)
  • Negotiation (12)
  • Leadership (12)
  • Sneaking (12)
  • Automatics (12)
  • Unarmed Combat (12)

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Cry of the CondemnedArchtmag22 January 2083
Big D And The Kids Table - Doped Up Dollies on a One Way Ticket to BloodDrBurst29 January 2080
Streetlight Manifesto - Watch It Crash (Part 1)DrBurstAftermath - The Ex-Neonet Story15 November 2079
If you'll excuse me there's somewhere I have to be where the whole fucking city can see meDrBurst3 October 2079
I got some contacts that help me and you do not. It is a friend of a friend of a friend I gotDrBurst2 October 2079
Don't Copy That Floppymudge9 September 2079
Katy Perry – Swish Swish (Part 1)DrBurst17 July 2079



  • Ork Underground +2
  • Krime +4
  • Evo +1
  • ex-NeoNet SINless +3


Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Maria Gennaro 2 2 Fixer Professional Bounty Hunter The Pauper Gentry, Respect The Hustle, Trickle Down Economics Even
Louis Lewis 4 3 Fixer Fixer (Networking) Even
Contact 4 4 1 Gear Id Manufacturer Identity Crafter, Refining the Data, Follow the Paper Trail, You should read our fan-fic!, Belly of the Beast Even
Clyde 2 1 Service Taxi Driver Sports Fan, Druggie, Taxi Driver Even
Miyuki 7 2 Custom(A,K,N,G)
Ascended AI
Matrix Entity, Hunter Killer, Consume and Adapt, Creeping Death, Apex Predator, Tech Mastery, Eyes on the Past, Newfound Kin, Analytic Mind, Free Agent, Once Burned, Twice Shy, Panopticon Even


  • Colossus - A nu-metal band currently touring in Europe (former bassist).


  • To be won...


  • To be earned...

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Does this apply?

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 He's a SINless human focused on the nu-metal and punk rock scenes.
3 Oddly, this human adept was born in the Ork Underground as the runt of the litter.
6 Evan was kicked out of Colossus, a now-major nu-metal band, back in its Los Angeles days by a rampaging promoter.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 His alias is "Knox" and he is a street rat from the streets of Tacoma.
3 Knox is a physical adept split between combat and social abilities.
5 Knox has made successful runs scoring public relations hits against Aztechnology and financial hits against Renraku.



  • Evan Harper (UCAS Rating 4) - Yes, he's using his real name on this fake SIN. He's SINless, okay?


  • Evan Harper (Rating 4 - Adept, Automatic Weapons, Weapon License [Stun Gloves], Bounty Hunter)


  • Evan Harper (Medium lifestyle loft in a former retirement community along Radiance Boulevard in the Fife section of Tacoma, and with a sizable dwarf community. Contains Basic DocWagon, Soy Processing Unit, Private Room, Zen Den, Local Grid, Public Grid, Special Work Area, Public Transportation and Difficult to Find)

Past Aliases


Meat Persona

Dusky skinned human with greyish-black hair (black, just not as dark) with a bit of stubble, hazel eyes and a pleasant grin.

Matrix Persona

An off-the-shelf persona of Moody Tim from the Neil the Ork Barbarian sims. That means he's a scowling little ork native with a big ass club.

Astral Appearance

It's an astral reflection of his meat bod, but it's a little glowy due to his Magic rating and randomly wavers into orkish features.

Media Mentions

Colossus Sound Samples

Busking Setlist

  • "Gone Away" - Five Finger Death Punch
  • "Words As Weapons" - Seether
  • "Sham Pain" - Five Finger Death Punch
  • "Through Glass" - Stone Sour
  • "Don't Stop Believing" - Journey
  • "Feel Good" - Gorillaz
  • "DEVIL" - Shinedown
  • "I Will Not Bow" - Breaking Benjamin
  • "It's Been Awhile" - Staind
  • "December" - Collective Soul
  • "Under The Bridge" - Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • "Lightening Crashes" - Live
  • "The World I Know" - Collective Soul

ShadowGrid Profile Comments


The Pitch

"Walk in. Keep your shoulders back and a smile on their faces. Walk out. No problem."

Knox - Face, Busker and Tuskless Wonder
Dice Pools:
Perception (13)
Impersonation (13)
Con (12)
Etiquette (11)
Negotiation (11)
Sneaking (11)
Automatics (11)
Unarmed Combat (11)

He's eager to break into the biz. Too eager?

Past Roleplay Prompts

  • How does your character react to the job posting? A.
  • Have you ever been distracted from an issue by entertainment? A.
  • Why do you carry the weapons you carry? A.
  • Seattle is in a state of guerrilla warfare, how does your character cope with this? A.