I got some contacts that help me and you do not. It is a friend of a friend of a friend I got

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I got some contacts that help me and you do not. It is a friend of a friend of a friend I got
LocationTacoma, Seattle
Result Freeing the Flow of (illegal) Commerce
Factions Involved
Nightrunner Security



The ShadowHaven team successfully broke the Yakuza blockade of Krime products coming out of the Tacoma ports by engineering a standoff between a legitimate Federated-Boening supply convoy and Knight Errant, which soured the working relationship between Nightrunner Security (Yakuza-backed) and Knight Errant.


Krime wants an end to the blockage of their merchandise coming out of the Takoma port. Right now, Nightrunner Security cars are following Krime's trucks and calling them into Knight Errant, and doing so with curious accuracy.

The Meet

The ShadowHaven team met the troll Johnson at the Big Rhino in the late morning hours, complete with pink mohawk and beat-up 80's synthleather jacket. The Johnson was a little busy because he was meeting a number of other teams to discuss other runs at the same time. The Johnson has a problem with his transit trucks in the Tacoma area being tailed by Nightrunner Security (rent-a-cops with issues) who unerringly spot the Krime trucks and call in Knight Errant to pull them over. The Johnson was able to give the name of a Rager who works for him on the docks, Jeff.

Final offer is 16,000 nuyen and half off a piece of Krime gear in exchange for getting the Nightrunner units off his back.

The Legwork

Paladin and Knox went to the Tacoma docks to speak with Jeff, though the orks did give the runners some flak. Jeff had whole box trucks and cargo containers to move, but Nightrunner Security was always waiting with their little electric three-wheeled cars to spot the shipments, with unerringly accuracy, and then call in Knight Errant to stop and seize the trucks.

Fischer pulled up all the data we could on Nightrunner Security, which pegged the firm as a front for Yakuza muscle in Tacoma under the loose direction of one of the two factions of megacorp Shiawase. After targeting the security decker for Nightrunner Security, Fischer basically had control of all communications, operations and data in the firm's host. Fischer could see that Nightrunner pinpointed the Krime shipments with drones and the security decker called in what vehicles the Nightrunner cars needed to intercept and call into Knight Errant. It took a little while for Fischer to get it through Knox's thick head that he also controlled all communications.

The Run

The run itself slid together very quickly once the team realized what pieces of the puzzle their teammates were holding. Fischer already had control of the Nightrunner Security host, so he turned around and hacked into the host for nearby Federated-Boeing and pinpointed a convoy getting loaded up. Fischer gave communications to Federated Boeing to Knox, who "warned" the convoy of an impending go-ganger raid on the convoy disguised as law enforcement to be rammed through and ignored. Fischer then gave communications for Nightrunner Security to Knox, who impersonated their security decker and targeted the mobile units on the Federated-Boeing convoy. The Nightrunner units tracked the heavily armed Federated-Boeing convoy as if it was a Krime shipment and called in Knight Errant. Fischer then forced the Nightrunner host into hacking a mark on the Federated-Boeing host.

Federated-Boeing clashed with the incoming Knight Errant units, only stopping when VTOL units showed up. By that time, Federated-Boeing was pissed at Knight Errant, Knight Errant was embarrassed in front of Federated-Boeing and pissed at Nightrunner Security, and Federated-Boeing was also pissed at Nightrunner.

Jeff sent a test shipment a little bit later, which was successful proof that the ShadowHaven team broke the blockade.


The trucks are now freely moving out of the Tacoma port, loaded with merchandise.


  • 4 Karma
  • 16,000 Nuyen
  • 50% off a single Krime item
  • +1 Reputation with Krime

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

  • Fischer -
  • Knox -
  • Paladin -