Big D And The Kids Table - Doped Up Dollies on a One Way Ticket to Blood

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Big D And The Kids Table - Doped Up Dollies on a One Way Ticket to Blood
LocationSeattle Streets
Result Gazette and Rakka remain free
Factions Involved
"Dandy" Dale Hardin
Ares Fan Girl
Acess Denied
NPC Rigger


An up and coming runner and her boyfriend are wanted by 3 different groups, for 3 different reasons.


Gazette, an up and coming runner, has recently defected from her corp. The corporation wishes to extract her, a rival corporation wishes to use her for blackmail, and Black Star wishes to free her.

The Meet

The runners meet Last Pinball at a Black Star compound where she provides the team with crucial details. She offers the team 2000 nuyen a piece as well as 4000 nuyen worth of lifestyle costs in the form of food grown on the Black Star compound. The team accepts the price without negotiating, with the exception of Carbon who declines the 2000 nuyen. Last Pinball gives her the 2000 nuyen she originally offered her in a credstick, and tells her to give it to Gazette when they find her.

The Legwork

Legwork is brief, as time is of the essence. Voxel starts doing matrix searches for restaurants and bars that have been bought out for the night, and after a bit of work manages to snoop on one of the rival runner team's meets, where they see Gazette and Rakka.

The Plan

The team immediately takes off and heads in the direction of the restaurant, with everyone but Carbon piling into Dandy's truck. Carbon instead opts to take her bike, due to limited space in the truck. Ideally they intend to follow behind the runners and wait for the two opposing teams to duke it out so they could swoop in and pick off the remaining runners.

The Run

The plan doesn't exactly go as intended, and by the time they arrive Gazette and Rakka have already been nabbed by the third team and are being transported in an armored SUV. Deimos astrally projects in an attempt to find the vehicle while Knox scans police radios and Voxel searches the matrix. Voxel finds the vehicle first and attempts to disable it but he alerts the enemy decker who has the rigger switch the vehicle to wireless off. Knox finds KE radio reports of a car barreling through the sidewalks of Seattle, and with this information Deimos is able to find the vehicle. Carbon swerves through traffic in the direction of the vehicle, narrowly avoiding KE as she does so, while Dandy chooses to follow traffic laws a little more closely until Knox and Paladin decide they'd be faster on foot. Dandy, a little offended by his teammates choice, looks for a shortcut and finds one: following a specific route he can jump from rooftop to rooftop and land just behind the other runner team. He does so with the help of a sprite provided by Voxel and lands just ahead of Carbon, as they both arrive on site.

When the runners who decided to travel on foot arrive they look around for the other team, who have seemingly disappeared. Dandy and Carbon spot it first. The other team's vehicle is cloaked and stuck to the side of a wall down an alley way. Carbon approaches, Stick & Shock arrow knocked and at the ready, with the rest of the team behind her. Ares Fan Girl, one of the enemy runners, manages to react first, firing a laser straight at Carbon's bow in an (unsuccessful) attempt to disarm her. Paladin & Carbon, who wish to avoid any potential casualties, intimidate the other team, forcing them to bring the vehicle down off the wall and step out. Voxel, Knox, and Dandy all take the opportunity to surround the enemy team while Deimos waits in the backlines ready to provide magical support. The enemy team all backs down, but there are several tense moments where the tentative peace is nearly broken, largely due to a pissing match between Carbon and Vanguard, as well as the enemy face who attempts to get the mage to mind control the team. Gazette and Rakka are retrieved and brought to the Black Star compound where Carbon, Deimos, and Knox all give them their share of the run rewards.


Gazette and Raka are free with no strings attached, the other runner teams fail at their jobs, and Black Star agree to watch the pair for a bit. Deimos gives Gazette her commcode and Carbon tells her where she can reach her if she needs help in the future.


  • 8 karma
  • 2000 nuyen
  • 4000 nuyen in lifestyle costs

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


9 karma, 4000 lifestyle

Gazette has my respect for separating herself from corporate life. Call me if you ever need help, this job ain't easy without friends. I hope Ares Fan Girl and her team know there are no hard feelings, but if Vanguard ever wants to prove his rep he knows where he can find me. Unlike him I've actually been to a zero-zone. I didn't splatter a cyber'd up Greater Roc everywhere for someone else to claim they could do the same thing solo without at least trying to back it up.



9 karma, 4000 lifestyle


9 karma, 4000 lifestyle