Katy Perry – Swish Swish (Part 1)

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Katy Perry – Swish Swish (Part 1)
LocationAztechnology Arcology, Downtown Seattle
Result The Team successfully retrieved the "black files" chip.
Factions Involved
Eric Payne Boombox
Vision Associates
Casualties and losses
None Two Watcher Spirits


The ShadowHaven Team successfully retrieved the datachip containing the "black files" (information on shadowrunning operations) from Vision Associates, a AA public relations corp housed in Aztechnology's Seattle Arcology.


The Johnson represents a firm that, until recently, represented professional basketball star Donald Mullen. The Johnson is suspicious about the departure of their star client to the target firm and asks for information on the target's shadowrunning operations.

The Meet

The Johnson was a tall, elven male who met the Team in a private room with its own bar and staffed with an ork bartender who was likely there just as much for the shotgun under the bar as his ability to mix a drink (with real citrus, mind you).

The Legwork

After the meet, the runners retire to The Edge in Touristville, Redmond to plan. Voxel and NeoWolf were able to pull up floorplans of the Aztechnology Arcology, locate the target PR firm (on the 28th floor) and relevant elevator shafts, utility corridors and security features. They also pulled up a full portfolio on the target PR firm, including their public calendar. The collective team poured over the maps to locate security features.

The Johnson had mentioned that if something loud needed to happen on this run, that it would be most effective at 9pm on Friday, to match the timing of another shadow op. On a whim, Knox asked if there was anything on the PR firm's calendar for Friday, and they happened to have a cultural event without a speaker. Know managed to convince the Communications Director to hire him and the insertion team as Rancheraexperts for a lump sum of 12,000 nuyen.

The Plan


Witchblade will project into Astral space from an undisclosed location.
Voxel will watch from the Matrix.
NeoWolf is operating on-site drones from an undisclosed location.


Knox is posing as a Ranchera expert to give a cultural presentation. He also brought a number of musical instruments (guitars, trumpets, etc) to help cover their drones and gear.
Boombox will accompany Knox to the PR firm's presentation to provide backup, both physically and musically.
Marionette will enter with the insertion team and then break off for the datasteal.


Marionette will steal the "black files," Knox provides a distraction while Boombox, NeoWolf, Voxel and Witchblade provide overwatch assistance from their respective posts.


The primary exit is to quietly walk out the front door after giving the presentation. The secondary exit involves explosives and a lot of running.

The Run

The Run actually went according to plan with only minor hitches. Knox noticed the CEO's safe as he was given a tour and pointed it out to Boombox. Boombox and Marionette immediately swapped their missions since Boombox was right there to make the grab. Although there was a tense moment when the CEO could have spotted him, Boombox was able to snag the chip. The only other hiccup was a pair of Watcher spirits who noticed the group and were dispatched by Witchblade's yet-to-be-trademarked Anime Slash. The extraction was uneventful.


The Johnson got the "black files" on the PR firm's shadowrunning operations, the PR firm enjoyed a successful cultural event, and the runners got paid. Aside from a couple of watcher spirits, everybody won.


  • Two (2) karma each
  • 24,000 nuyen each (from the Johnson)
  • 667 nuyen each (from the target for the presentation, after expenses)

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

  • Boombox -
  • Knox -
  • Marionette -

Routine Data Extraction. Basically running babysitter duty for the fingers and geeks. Just chainsmoked a few 20decks for the few stans it took. Some azzy PR firm leaving blacklists lying around, from what I garner, nothing too interesting. Worked with that voxel lad again, seems like he knows his drek. Might be worth getting to know a new tecco now that kittens left town. Had some weirdos with us; some rigger that insisted on piloting a little girl around. Maybe he was into it, I dunno. Got paid from escrow and back on with it; least it pays the bills.

  • NeoWolf -
  • Voxel -
  • Witchblade -