Don't Wine About It

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Don't Wine About It
LocationSeattle, Puyallap and Downtown
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
Painted Trees
Painted Trees
Thomas Gregory
Iron Lotus


The group was contacted by the manager of Jocelyn Rose, a famous actress for action films regarding in the action scene. Carlotta Black was her name as the party discovered, soon gracing her with their presence, she allocated the information. The objective was simple, acquire a bottle of Painted Tree Wine. The problem was the price, the way of acquisition, and the devil is in the details.

It didn't take long for the group to go all gazoogle and find the results they needed. Their production was in Puyallap and their sales were all done by a florist. In Puyallap they discovered their entire production facilities walls were thick with lead and completely removed from the grid, the party found out why later...


Highly Social, Heavy Role-Play Run

The Meet

Ms. Black demanded the group to meet at what could best be described as an old milkshake and krill place, Krill and Krisps, and asked each of them to take their order, she ordered three for herself. It wasn't long before the group ordered their drinks, their food, and they sat quietly and explained every detail regarding the run. She was a troll, and with the most flamboyant outfit one could ever imagine, gold rimmed glasses, a pink cougar-print suit and pants, the definition of subtle was unknown to her. It was obvious she's done research on each of her candidates, wanting them to know she has information on them, of course they had information on her. And even more so, the company she worked for, BBAE, Big and Beautiful Awakened Entertainment, a Horizon joint venture with EVO, where each employee are fully awakened. This sent Delphi into a spiral, certain that this company was a front for the Dawkins Group, an elite mage organization that Horizon uses, and doesn't officially exist.

Either way, it wasn't long before she explained the details of the run to our chummers, acquire the wine, bring it and the recipe back. She had an award waiting for them if they were to do one, the other, or both.

The Plan

The team split into a team of two, one team handled the florist shop, the other went to the winery. The team that went to the winery, Oathbane and Sp4rks were certain they could hack their way into the host, until they saw the building. The walls were coated with lead, it was separated from the grid, and the building seemed to be isolated from the outside.

The team that went to the flower shop, Charon and Delphi, wanted to make a stop first.

The Run

Sp4rks and Oathbane soon noticed a front door in which they entered and were greeted by a maid with a smile. She was cheerful, almost a bit eerily so, but what was more eerie to our two matrix specialists were the fact that even inside the building there wasn't any matrix presence, no icons, nothing. Even the lights were powered by a switch it seems, as they noticed on the wall. They soon scheduled a meeting however using the pretense that Sp4rks, being French, was a sommilier, and was highly trained in the art of wine. The two took a tour and discovered one matrix presence, the boss of the painted trees's icon. It wasn't long before they were given a tour that they were shown the small field of awakened grapes as well as they were told of the secret ingredient, an awakened flower. At the end of the tour they purchased four bottles of wine each, the maximum limit. The original way of being able to purchase a bottle was a lottery system, making it the hot topic wine of downtown Seattle at the time. Thomas Gregory was so impressed they gave each of them the fourth free.

Meanwhile, Charon and Delphi went to a Vampiric Nightclub. Charon needed a quick snack and pick me up, wanting to ensure that she is entirely topped off. Delphi meanwhile took herself and waited by the bar. Afterwords, our group then reached the flower shop. The entire place smelled wonderful and grand to both Delphi and Charon, although the latter seemed a bit overwhelmed by the sensations. Delphi quickly assenssed the florist behind the bar, she noticed he wasn't awakened or emerged despite her earlier findings that the Painted Trees was proud of its history. They did notice he has some kind of ware inside his two hands and his left leg, as well as some kind of pact with a plant spirit. (Which was in the same room as him, currently watching over a flower herself.) It wasn't long before they also went down to business, purchasing one of the emerged flowers to ensure that Ms. Rose had everything ready as she requested.

Delphi used her Psychometry on the flower and noticed how much love and attention that the florist gives all of his plants, obviously showing his passion and drive to care for all of his awakened and emerged plants. She also saw that of course he wasn't as innocent as he seemed, being the primary smuggler of his own plants in and out of Seattle, its obvious that as a gang the Painted Trees are primarily a smuggling clan, operating from Seattle to Denver to Los Angeles. She then desired to "betray" the J, wanting to only give the flower and not any of the seeds. It was a long drawn out debate between Charon and Delphi, but Sp4rks and Oathbane backed Delphi's side, allowing them to cut the roots of the flower and extracting the seeds.


The J then requested after contact to meet once again at a restaurant, a western style bar and grill that served a frankenmeat, but real meat nonetheless. Like last time Ms. Rose would cover it, as was tradition. She had each of them ordered who wanted, except Charon noting that they wouldn't have the best source of food for her. Either way, she ate with them quietly, took the wine, flower, and seeds, and proceeded to leave after supplying each of our members a credstick.

It was noted that unlike last time, she was wearing a simple business suit, almost a complete 180 from her original meet.


6K Nuyen Each 6 Karma 2 CDP +5 Painted Trees Rep Potential Rewards: Contacts: Thomas Gregory: Connection 4 Black Lotus: Connection 3 Potential Rewards for Sp4ks: Reverberant Potential Rewards for Sp4rks/Delphi/Oathbane 1 Chip, Gave Painted Tree Wine

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Oathbane: Rather nice to relax and do a job where i'm not having to deal with death on the matrix. just making my way around a place and being showed a tour of a wine place...forgot what's its called and well thankful it was peaceful.


What a strange job... worked with Charon again, didn't expect to visit a vampire club and watch her do her thing though. It was... enlightening, to say the least. Still, she was good at what she does. Sp4rks and Oathbane handled the heavy lifting here, conning that Gregory guy into giving up the bottle we needed and the secret ingredient, so all we really had to do was convince his nephew to sell us a sample. I couldn't resist taking a cutting - frag Horizon if they think they get to keep something like this for themselves, just so some artist can avoid paying for wine. The flower is... well, beautiful, of course. It hums with the Resonance, and has this blue-black shade to the petals - I'm going to have to learn some horticulture just to keep this cutting alive. All in all a nice gig.


This Gregory guy is one of the good ones, having fought for his country in so many occasions makes of him nothing else than a hero. Furthermore, he is incredibly talented at the wine producing process and his team is wonderfull to talk with, i'm glad to know him.

We also met this guy, iron lotus, he produces wonderfull exotic flowers and i got one for my date with miss J, if everything goes alright i am in for a good time~

addendum : This resonnant flower is impressive, not only can i hack it but inside is a real jungle of random data. I feel great there, it's a nice place to meditate in.