Dont mess with granny

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Dont mess with granny
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Granny Tusk
Hurlgs of War
Drop Dead Gorgeous
Casualties and losses
None The boss' reputation


A group of faces walked into a ganger HQ and destroyed the gang leaders whole career, in order to get him to leave granny alone.


Granny Tusk has a problem with some rowdy gangers, and needs someone to help getting them to go away.

The Meet

The team rolled up to the meet and met with Granny Tusks' 'grandchildren', armored up trolls in hand-knitted sweaters, and discussed her problem. After negotiating a higher pay, they took the security footage she had and accepted the job. Highlander was disguised as a generic looking human who prefers holding the high ground.

The Plan

Simple, track down the gangers and tell them to piss off.

The Run

The team started by tracking down the gang to a bar they frequent, called Bingo's Beer Hall. They bluffed their way past the tipsy (read: halfway dead drunk) bouncer and convinced the bartender to give up what she knew about their headquarters. Highlander then pretended he was wearing a watch and left because of the time. The group then bluffed their way past the ganger guard with a shotgun, with highlander pretending to be a wannabe recruit, while orchid and drop dead gorgeous posed as ladies of the night. After walking up to the boss, the ladies used their feminine wiles to aid highlander in negotiating the boss into giving up on harassing Granny Tusk. Offered "special payment" for obliging, orchid and drop dead gorgeous led the troll boss into a private room where they stripped him and then threatened to shoot him in his special place if he didnt give up. He reluctantly agreed, and was left with a grenade sitting in front of him in case he tried something funny on the way out. After taking a picture for Granny Tusk to use as blackmail, Highlander pointed the gangers into the room and the trio rode off in a fancy car for a final show up of the gangers.


The boss of the Hurlgs of War is completely humiliated, and Granny Tusk is extremely pleased.


Never Mess With Granny' Rewards:
12k Nuyen (6 RVP)
2 Karma (2 RVP)
Granny Tusk at Loyalty 4 (5 RVP) (


Optional Rewards (Cost taken from above):
Method Actor for Highlander (7 RVP)
Good Looking and Knows it for Drop Dead Gorgeous (10 RVP)
Honest Face for Orchid (5 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


This was an interesting mission. That Granny Tusk person was an interesting character and my teammates were certainly... I suppose you could say they know how to strut their stuff. The hurlgs were less than impressive, their HQ was a shambles and their boss was extremely easy to fool. Whats more, the guard didnt exactly ask many questions. Is it any wonder there are so many data leaks all the time, when security in the UCAS is like this? Though maybe I'm being too judgemental.

Drop Dead Gorgeous

I thought Trolls had a sacred duty to hate elves, that apparently doesn't supersede when they think they can get some "action." Armed with the aid of savage male biological signals I was able to isolate the target in a private location and convince him through threat of Armour-Piercing Discarded Sabot castration that it was in everyone's best interest if he left our client's business alone. Luckily he accepted as considering the size of the target it might have been a more difficult shot than I first anticipated.


Not the first time working with other people to try to stop something bad from happening and doing what could go wrong...using a bit of charm and getting into a gang leader room, to only deal with some blackmail.