Draconic Grudges

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Draconic Grudges
Status Threat Level: Extreme
Factions Involved
Jaceqlyn Sharp
Runner Team
Casualties and losses
Jaceqlyn burnt out and exiled Troll Vampire, Rigger


Urubia orders the death of a talismonger - and four runners from the Haven attempt to save her. Nobody really walks away happy.


Jaceqlyn Sharp was a member of a group of five talismongers who very unwisely decided to sell dragon remains. After it was made illegal, they donated them to the Draco Foundation and moved on with their lives. Dragons, however, do not move on. They hold grudges on geological timescales, and so fifteen years later Urubia ordered the death of the five talismongers. Four were killed before Ms Sharp reached out to the Haven for protection.

The Meet

Carbon goes to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. It doesn't go too well. Skimmer is playing with his daughter while his wife rests. Rabbit fails to vandalise a cafe. Swerve is doing astral security - guarding a pack of ghouls. All of them are contacted by their fixers and sent to a bar in Puyallup. Once there, they discussed the job with Ms Johnson, aka Ms Sharp, and were generally confused as to who might want to kill her. After finally getting the dragon bones story, the team suddenly was much more on edge. Rabbit notices marks on the Johnson's comlink, and sets a databomb on the file that had been accessed. Swerve negotiates with her whilst Skimmer and Carbon plan. Swerve also secures a safehouse.

The Plan

The runners plan to take the Johnson to a safehouse and then try to take out whoever is after her. This plan promptly ceases to be applicable upon contact with the enemey.

The Run

The runners take the Johnson to a pair of cars when Carbon and Skimmer notice a gun drone some distance away. Rabbit looks for matrix icons, Swerve conjures a physical barrier, Carbon protects the Johnson - catching the sniper bullet - and Skimmer gets his car ready. A fight breaks out, as Carbon defeats two melee enemies, Skimmer provides fire support, takes out a Dwarf, and magical defence, Swerve conjures spirits, and Rabbit deals with the mage and the rigger. The Decker, not eager to kill himself running into Rabbit's defences, runs away. With the enemy team either dead, disabled, or retreating, the Runners take a moment to get the Johnson to the safehouse and consider their options.

Swerve and Carbon manage to negotiate with Urubia via a functionary and manage to bargain for the Johnson's life. She'll be exiled and have her magic burnt out, but she'll live. Reluctantly, Ms Sharp takes the deal after considering the runner's other offer to help her get out of the country.


Jaceqlyn Sharp has low grade cyberwar implanted in her and her magic burnt out, and is exiled to Thailand. Carbon, Rabbit and Skimmer give her most of her money back.


12k nuyen or double that in magical goods up to 18 availability - 6 RVP 14 karma - 14 RVP +1 Street Cred - 1 RVP (for defeating the prime enemy team) 20 CDP - 9 RVP

Carbon: -10 Funhouse Rep (the Decker found out who you were) Can buy the Claymore at gear rewards price

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"You know, I'm not so sure that dragons are as friendly as the vids present them to be. I mean, sure it's kinda bad to be selling off pieces of their respective friends and family, but still, that's one hell of a grudge. Killing off a group of hard working talismongers just because it offends your spiritual taboos... overkill in my opinion. The alternative wasn't much better, giving up one's hope, work, and magic in order to be allowed to survive was a bit harsh. But I guess this is why they say never deal with a dragon."