Dragon Dance

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Dragon Dance
LocationDowntown, Seattle Metroplex.
Result Breaking into a man's home, raising suspicions and finding footage
Factions Involved
Draco Foundation
Children of the Dragon
Casualties and losses
A dozen stealth tags, the identity of a fake FBI Agent.


In the ongoing spat between the Draco Foundation and the Children of the Dragon, the Draco Foundation hired a deniable asset to determine what magics were involved in their initiation ceremonies.


Marrionette and Miss Johnson met at St. Edward State Park, at benches in a classic spy meet up. She showed up in a nice suit, walking a dog, telling her she was a good girl while the real meet took place over DNI. He determined she was wearing a mask, disguising herself as an older woman. They agreed to an 8k payment, so the J informed him of what she was after, Marionette was given names of individuals who were going to be in attendance of the ceremony.


Marrionette began the run tasking his commlink's agent to perform tier 3s on the targets. While those were running he took a look at Seattle's main complex, open to the public as it is a church. He slapped together a disguise and played tourist, noting down schedules of events, locations of cameras, as well as lax physical security.

Marrionette's searches came back, giving him the locations of the initiates' homes. Marrionette began to accumulate resources to impersonate an initiate, then made a magical theory roll and realized that the facility is likely to have magical security, so his aura would be seen making social infiltration impossible.

He attempted to social his way into one of the target's lives, a Jeremy Goldman, a bureaucrat with a fair amount of dice in computer. He impersonated an FBI agent and told Jeremy to come with him for 'something important.' Jeremy informed the agent he would have to call his ex wife to take care of the kids while he was assisting the agent. His wife, who was significantly less gullible asked him to look into the agent. Five minutes into the target's tier 3 search Agent Marionette realized the jig was up. This increased the scrutiny the initiates faced, adding a couple more dice to the die pools of people who would inspect the initiates' clothing for wires, tags, etc.

He instead decided to target another individual, a Lamar Jeffreys, rendering him unconscious with a silenced firearm, laesing him and sticking his unconscious body on the in Jeffrey's couch. Marionette placed several stealth tags on Jeffreys' shoes, as well as using skill wires to make an artisan check to place a stealth tag inside of Jeffreys' class ring.

Despite the increased scrutiny the stealth tags remained unnoticed and Marionette witnessed bits and pieces of a ritual, from multiple angles, dancing, chanting in languages long forgotten and spirit rise from an ancient tome, creating a background large enough to create enough noise interrupt wireless signal in the tags.


The Draco Foundation has determined what ceremonies are performed in Children of the Dragon inner sanctums.

The Children of the Dragon are aware of what this weird sketchy guy's aura looks like.

Marionette is spooked and has shown increased interest in magic, at least so he can hope to identify the spirit he witnessed.


8000 Nuyen, 4 Karma

1 Rep Draco Foundation

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