Drone Catcher

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Drone Catcher
Part of New Job


The Hana Drone

The runners were hired by Evo to capture the Drone Maker Mr. Nakamura from the Corporation of Wuxing.


This is the second run of the metaplot "A New Job"

The Meet

The Runners met at a Bar near the Everett Airport, the Johnson, A thick heavy Russian with a EVO Hat was there waiting for the runners. The Johnson explained the he wants to percure a Drone Maker Named Toshi Nakamura in Alaska from Wuxing to which the reason of them being there is to test out a new drone, The runners accepted the amount the runners have given for the run of 20k each for the capture of the Drone maker along with free transpiration to Alaska. The runners made sure on buying there own winter clothing for the weather.

The Plan

When getting there, the runner planned out of taking Dr.Boo's Van up to the location to then ambushed the soldiers. while having howler and neko to snatched the Drone Maker, After Neko searching the Matrix, She found out that he is Otaku via Anime to then she came up with the decision of dressing up as his Wifu, The main female character from Neo-Evangalion.

The Run

As they come up there near the location test site. The runner Stormcrow flew near the location to then to scout out. To which he sees two VTOLs, 8 soldiers, a soldier officer, 4 unknown Chinese being tied up. Dr. Boo sneak up his drone but it end up being spotted by couple of the soldiers to then they fire at it, to then the officer forced the Dr to activate the drone to which end up being one of the VTOLs to then turns into a huge Bipedal Anthrodrone with the look of being similar to the Japanese anime Mechas. To then the Mecha goes over and kills two of the unknown Chinese that were tied up. To then Dr.Boo knocks out the Dr with Narco jet, to then the Drone did to what it previous orders of protecting the Dr. To then when the Officer was about to shoot the Dr. The Mecha protected him. Eventually during the fighting the Mecha then kills the officer and two other soldiers with the sword as the rest of the runners took out all the rest of the soldiers. To then Paladin did convince the Mecha to take the Doctor to safety still the Mecha follow whenever the Doctor went. The runners were conflicted on what to do with the Doctor and the Drone as they were considering to betray the Johnson but when the Doctor woke up just wanted to get back to Shiawase. But as a compromise they end up giving back the Doctor to EVO but allowed Doctor to send the drone away to get people to help him out.


They successfully took the Doctor to EVO and got 20k in return for payment.


  • ¥20,000
  • 6 karma

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Dr Boo

Shame. The drone he made was very cool. Would love to meet him again.