Droning on and on

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Droning on and on
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp
John from IT
Beuford "Saint' Mcgill
Industrial host


The group was hired to retrieve a datachip from an unmanned MTC site, and deliver it to the drop-off point. The group recons everything they can, then successfully clears the datasteal job.



The Meet

The meeting took place in a VIP section of the nightclub, Mr. Johnson owned. Upon checking the place out, Fintan discovered, that some of the people inside were infected. Despite Johns attempt with his Yoghurt, and Fintan's efforts in the negotiation department, the meet concluded in the runners accepting the initial offer.

The Plan

After extensive reconnaissance, and heroic struggles against the targets Industrial Host, the group decided to eliminate the watcher spirits, sneak past the drones, and find the datachip inside.

The Run

The initial assault went smoothly. The spirits provided very little challenge, and the security spider never saw the drone with the sniper rifle making a barely non lethal shot. After that, Zephyr, and Fintan headed inside. Almost triggering an alarm, Fintan managed to find the target data chip, but it was encased in a glass, with an alarm, and a keycard reader. Failing to find any other option, they decided on a smash and grab. Fintan sent his spirit to cause a distraction, broke the glass, and the two made a run toward the exit. He even managed to quickly grab additional paydata. Unfortunately the security doors shut themselves, so the team had to frantically blast-smash-cut through them from both sides. As they were doing this, Toxins started to flood the area, almost killing two of the runners, however, though excellent teamwork, they managed to get themselves out of there, just as the HTR units showed up


The package was successfully delivered to the designated drop-off point


  • 2 CDP
  • 24,000 NuYen
  • 4 karma

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Argh. Still feeling pretty sick. The toxins, whatever they were, sure did a number on me. But we made it at the end of the day, so thats good. Now if you excuse me.. breakfast is not agreeing with me.


There are times when a simple smash and grab isn't a simple smash and grab. It was my job to scout the facility, take out--but not kill--the driver, and get us out of the neighborhood safely. All of those things went well, but the driver must've hit her head going down because she did not look super healthy afterwards. Her chest was moving, at least. Our J settled on a bunch of mages for this particular run, and though that meant watcher spirits got the drek slapped out of them, it made the infiltration sketchier. Mages never seem to carry mini-welders or bolt cutters or tools to bypass code locks. "I'll summon an air spirit" is a great idea until you realize your cloud monster can't break down a door and you're stuck on the inside with about 58 angry drones and no assault rifle. BUT, we got 'em out, and I don't have too many spots on Bessy to fix...so we're good.


Easy enough job, atleast for me. conjured some things blew some things up and even made an illusion for a camera. Pretty good mission all in all. I didnt even get shot at.


A simple job in theory: get on premise, gank some watcher spirits, steal a data chip, and GTFO. Had some trouble with the data chip as it was protected by some kind of lethal gas. We were able to make it out before the gas killed us thanks to Saint (I think, honestly I was trying to stay conscious and my memory’s a bit blurry.). but we all got out and got paid so it’s hard not to classify this as a success.