Evidence Check

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Evidence Check
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Vivian Rollans
Las Sombras Negras
13 Pedro Hermanezes
Casualties and losses
13 Pedro Hermanezes,
1 Jazz Lab


Poppet is sick of people looking at her funny and wants to be rid of her Bad Rep. She does this by tracking down and removing the people who started spreading the bad word.


A team goes pretty off-script in Patinazo and Poppet shoots their Johnson with a stolen SMG while under an invisibility spell. Somehow her handiwork was recognized and the gang the Johnson belonged to (the Sombras Negras) start sullying Poppet's rep.

The Meet

Poppet invites Sinister (a low-profile Havenite) to hang out/bond with the assistance of several restricted substances. After the sesh she gets to the point, explaining her Bad Rep and the circumstances that caused it. Sinister agrees to help her resolve it, because he has nothing better to do.

The Plan

The duo disguise themselves pretty well, and Poppet contacts her fixer Vivian Rollans, to determine the source of the reputation. The call goes to voicemail and so the duo heads off to the emergency address given to Poppet. At the fairly fancy address they find a locked front door, so Sinister does that thing he does and the lock opens. Poppet makes a note to tell Vivian to upgrade her security. Once in, they find Vivian asleep on the couch and decide this was probably a bad idea and leave. Poppet send Vivian another message and an hour later she responds, inviting them in. There is some brief awkwardness due to Poppet being in disguise, but this is smoothed over.

Poppet discusses her situation, and Vivian lets on that if she tracks down the gang involved in the Bad Rep Event she may be able to 'resolve' it with them. The team heads down to Tacoma in Sinister's Americar.

The Run

They scope out the building that contained the jazz lab Poppet busted up the last time, and decide to strike an arms deal with the gang currently in residence. They load several hundred rounds of Poppets regular AR ammunition into Sinister's Aeroquip Dustoff and walk into the building. Negotiations go smoothly and the due offloads the ammo for 40% market value, much to Poppet's satisfaction. After chatting with the head ganger, Poppet learns this lab is no longer under the control of the Sombras Negras and that they've been forcibly located to new turf after the events of Patinazo.

Without the negotiation chip of several cases of ammunition, talks with the Sombras Negras go poorly. The team pretends to be looking for Poppet and ask to talk to people who are talking about event, but fail to learn who exactly to remove and where they can be found as the gangers raise their weapons and tell them to leave impolitely. So instead Sinister waits and chem-patches a lone ganger in an alley. The ganger is interrogated and fed to Doctor O+, who was called up from Puyallup.

From the interrogation the team learns the who and where, and scope out the new Jazz lab being run by the dead Johnsons cousin. Sinister climbs a neighbouring building and snipes a ganger on the roof. Poppet gets dropped off on the roof via Dustoff and Sinister joins her in a similar fashion. Sinister rigs neurostun grenades into the ventilation and Poppet goes in with chemsealed FBA. She finds multiple unconscious people in the lab, though all the actual drug worker people in chem protection have made it out. She executes the remaining gangers, along with the head honcho dead Johnson's cousin. but has to run upstairs again to grab a miniwelder. Using her knowledge of gangs, Poppet begins to weld the symbol of the Blue Narwhals (a local gang) into the wall to frame them. She is interrupted after overhearing the downstairs survivor's plan to blow up the lab, and has to run out and shoot a ganger holding grenades. She shouts about the Blue Narwhals and the team extracts via Dustoff, Sinister hanging on outside the drone with gecko gloves. After the team lands they see the lab go up in smoke.


Vivian Rollans is satisfied with the outcome. "What problem?" etc etc.


Poppet can buy off Bad Rep for price +4 Karma

Sinister +11 Karma

+2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Ah whoo cool etc etc. Hung off a Dustoff, might do that more often. Got to use so many of my toys like the chem patches and dustoff, got to dunk on home security, got some milleage on my various kits. All in all a very satifying sequence of events. Poppet's cool, talks about BTLs a lot though. Probably the only time I'll be taking Novacoke on a "job". Anyways, all this fun and drugs has really got my head going, let's see what modifications I can make to my gun...


Cleaned up nicely, yes. Who even knows what a 'Sombra Negra' is? Let this be a lesson to you, boys and girls. Know when to shut your face, or someone might shut it for you.