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Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
Titles and Awards0
Approved ?Yes
Metatype - D
Attributes - D
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - A
Resources - A

Character Information


Personafix-addicted decker



A former Shiawase corporate spider, FRAG had a bit too bit of an appetite for BTLs. Eventually his problem grew to the point where he couldn't hold down a job anymore, and FRAG had to turn to crime to make ends meet. Things worsened when his personafix abuse led to his original personality shattering completely. His dealer decided to take advantage of the situation and employ him as a shadowrunner.

Narrative Significant Qualities

  • Blank Slate: FRAG has abused personafixes to the point where his original personality is all but gone. He feels naked without slotting some sort of personality, and he carries a few already.

In Play

First, a note on RP: FRAG abuses personafixes, which opens the door for a lot of flamboyant personalities. If you think of one you think would be fun or interesting, go for it! Just buy him a personafix chip and write a note on it with info similar to what's there in the existing personafixes.

FRAG is a very versatile decker. He has a good deck and all hacking programs so he can do pretty much any job in the matrix from searching to loud fights. He can also support meat combats with Kill Code matrix actions like I Am The Firewall and Calibration, or in a pinch huff some Jazz and pull his assault rifle.


Your big strength here is matrix searches. do some Psyche for +2 Intuition, slot Browse and Toolkit, and go nuts. FRAG Also knows a couple things about his former corp and about matrix security. And drugs. He knows a *lot* about drugs.

Your Ocular Drone is well suited for meatspace recon. Remember that you can use Electronic Warfare in place of Perception when looking through sensors, and this includes cameras!

Host Dives

When the big day comes, take some psyche first - with Narco, it gives you +2 Logic and +2 Intuition. Remember that Codeslinger gives you a +2 to Hack on the Fly, and remember to take your free action from Instinctive Hack - one free Matrix Perception, HotF, Brute Force or Dataspike when physical or matrix combat starts!

You can use Perfect Time to swap Baby Monitor into your run programs, check your Overwatch Score, then swap it out again, so you don't need to run it constantly. Feel free to if you would rather have free actions, though.

Here are some recommended deck setups for various situations with the base and final matrix attributes after programs. Your Datajack+ gives you three extra program slots, which is why you can run six. You have 5 built in Noise Reduction from your antennae and datajack, so you can run Smoke and Mirrors 5 without any kind of penalty. If you're dealing with noise for whatever reason, either run Signal Scrub or dial back the Smoke and Mirrors.


Programs: Fork, Hammer, Decryption, Encryption, Smoke and Mirrors 5, Biofeedback/Blackout/Tantrum (depending on how nice the personafix is), Wildcard Slot (Lockdown by default, Mugger if you can set up marks beforehand, Signal Scrub, whatever you might need for the job otherwise)

A 6(7) - S 5(10) - D 5 - F 3(4)

The general idea here is to spank from the shadows with Forked 9 base damage spikes until you get seen. Once you are spotted by someone, swap around F and S to get Firewall up to 6. If you are spotted by everyone, consider swapping Smoke and Mirrors for Armor/Biofeedback Filter depending on whats being thrown at you. Remember, always keep Ondans(e)tron in your auto-injector while decking in case someone throws Tantrum at you!


Programs: Smoke and Mirrors 5, Stealth, Exploit, Toolbox, Two Wildcard slots.

A 3 - S 6(12) - D 5(6) - F 5

Bear in mind that your limit is actually 14 for Hack on the Fly, thanks to Exploit.

The wild card slots are for things like Browse when looking for things in the host, Edit when editing files, Defuse when disarming databombs, Wrapper if you need it in the host, et cetera. Or Baby Monitor, if you want to run it constantly.

Day Carry

Programs: Browse, Toolbox, Encryption, three wildcard slots

A 3 - S 5 - D 5(6) - F 6(7)

Honestly there aren't a lot of programs that are necessary to run while walking around day-to-day. You want high Firewall to protect your PAN and high data proc for initiative and searches, though while searching you should probably swap those around. I don't know, I ain't a cop.

Oh yeah, as a decker, remember always - no matter what happens in the Host, if your team asks - everything is going smoothly, you're totally owning it, the nosebleed is just a side effect of being this awesome on the Grid.

Physical Combat

You aren't particularly sturdy, so if you against your best intentions end up in a firefight, remember Rule 1 of Shadowrunning: The Second best defense is not getting shot. The best defense is not getting shot at. Take cover and stay out of trouble. Remember that the camera in a smartgun system lets you shoot around corners without exposing yourself at a -3 penalty (CRB p433). Oh,and take some Jazz - combat drugs covereth a multitude of sins.

If you know the fight is going to happen and don't have a pressing need to be there, it's perfectly valid to stay in the van and just help out your teammates with general matrix overwatch, I Am The Firewall and Calibrate (both of the latter are in Kill Code).

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Be Careful Who You Bully in Middle SchoolSarcarian19 November 2081



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Oblivion Nyx 4 2 Fixer Fixer Drug Dealer, Better Than Life, Underworld Figure, Lounge Lizard, I Know His Coke Dealer Even




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Dependant on personafix, but the Signature is usually left in the Matrix, or if the target is completely stone-age on a datachip.

The Valentino Cortez persona tends to leave behind natural things, like growing flowers and trees.

The Zack Fury persona tends to leave behind posters for fake action films starring him.

The Rick Baker persona tends to leave behind a calling card that reads BAKER DETECTIVE AGENCY. There is no other information on the card.

Matrix Search Table

1: He's big into persona fixes.

3: There are four or five online personas that can be traced back to him.


Shadow Community Table



Dimitri Kadmin - EVO , R4


Short-ish asian man. When not slotting a personafix, FRAG is demure and nervous. He stammers, and is prone to comforting behaviors (hugging himself, the fetal position, et cetera.)



Matrix Persona

When he, god forbid, decks without slotting a personachip, he looks like a vaguely humanoid multi-faceted crystal. In each facet can be seen a different personachip that FRAG has slotted through the years.

Media Mentions

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