Fade To Brunette

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Fade To Brunette
Part of GM F00d4Th0ugh Plot Line Noir City Nights
LocationD'Agustinos in Renton, Seattle
The Green Dragon Pleasure Palace in Tacoma, Seattle
Result Runner Team abandoned run after 1 member captured. Ended up being a retirement run for Black Kat
Factions Involved
Black Kat
Mister Sarcarian
The Green Dragon Pleasure Palace
Bigios Family
Carnuchi Family
Lucia Carnuchi
Dawn's Purity
Casualties and losses
1 Black Kat captured and retired. None


Lucia Carnuchi has disappeared not long before her wedding to Anthony Bigiosand her family want her back. They believe she's been kidnapped and forced into sex slavery as a bunraku puppet working out of The Green Dragon Pleasure Palace in Tacoma.


Meet went down at D'Agustinos in Renton. All team members arrived early or on time and met their Jonson. A youngish Italian American in a shiny suit. Once the job had been outlined there was some negotiation which resulted in a base payment and sliding bonus scaled upon how qickly the job was completed. Everyone accepted the job and the run began.


The team launched straight into the run with Kitten performing some amazing matrix searches to get quite a lot of information on both The Green Dragon Pleasure Palace, where they discovered that all was not as it seems and that the parlour also operated a very upscale service that was used by some of the major players in the Greater Seattle Metroplex, and the gang Dawn's Purity. Arriving in Tacoma the team went straight for the bunraku parlour and were able to identify several of the gang members who were guarding it. Kitten successfully identified the front host but missed he hidden higher rated host that served the upscale function.

Whilst Kitten decided to hack the host Black Kat went straight for the parlour and decided to try and book Lucia directly through the street parlour access. Having searched and found nothing Black Kat then booked a random puppet in order to gain access and went inside. Several failed perception rolls led to Black Kat missing that the interior layout didn't match correctly and that there were hidden lifts to another part of the building. Black Kat proceeded to go to the booth and puppet she had booked.

Kitten crashes into the host and starts to cause mayhem whilst trying to grab the files of all the puppets. As he went loud and proud the host went onto alert and the parlour also went to passive alert. As part of the parlour's defences were automated guns any alert in the host triggers a passive alert in real space for customer safety. Whilst Kitten was successful in getting the files, these did not include Lucia as she was part of the upscale service rather than the street level service, Black Kat decided to ignore the warnings being issued to remain inside the booth for safety reasons and attempt to break out. Using shock gloves she attempted to burn out the the maglock and exit. Half way through this she then stopped and decided to to take out the speakers giving the message in the same way. Once actual damage had been done to the property (the speakers and maglock were both burnt out through constant electrical shocking) the parlour went onto active alert and began deploying defences. Firstly the puppet was re-tasked as a combat model (even nicer Black Kat had chosen a Troll puppet) and had new skills and personality downloaded. Black Kat avoided this and exited into the hall where the autoturrets were then deployed, using stick-n-shock ammo.AgainBlack Kat managed to avoid being shot through use of her edge and made her way downstairs in order to try and exit. When downstairs Black Kat then decided to attack the autoturret in the same way as the maglock and with some amazing gymnastics manged to get up and onto the turret and proceed to shock it into a brick. This triggered the escalting alert which led to human response being triggered both internally and externally.

Black Kat was subdued by a team of internal security who were only going to question her, charge her for the damage caused and then ban her. Instead /u/ryncewynd88 chose to retire Black Kat. Due to this both Kitten and Mister Sarcarian chose to drop out of completing the run and contacted the Johnson to inform him of this.


Black Kat is now retired. /u/ryncewynd88 will have the final decision on what this retirement is

Kitten & Mister Sarcarian both received noterity


Player Characters

Black Kat

Character retired - /u/ryncewynd88 received 1 GMP


1 Karma & +1 Notoriety

Mister Sarcarian

1 Karma & +1 Notoriety

"Run was standard, well as standard as runs get. But it left a black mark on my record that will probly haunt me even after i re-retire. Brushing back the J meet as nothing was of importence there. Our first failure came when we split up, black kat decided that she'd have more luck walking into the establishment to try n find out mark whilst kitten did his thing on the Matrix. On the trix he did all he could, got into their host and grabbed all the files relating to the Bunraku dolls there but there was nothing on our mark. And when he was doing his thing the host had cought wind of him, setting off a sort of yellow alert state. I'm not quite sure what black kat had in mind when she decided to try n break out but what i do know is that it ended in her getting captured. After that drekshow me n Kitten decided that we couldnt storm the establishment, we neither had the manpower nor the firepower to do such a thing. So we left, called the J to inform him of the failure and i got my second black mark, leaving a runner behind. Seems she retired shortly after, not sure if it's to do with the run or other reasons but i still failed"

Additional Notes

This run had been posted with a NOIR tagline for style but after the first setting of scene by myself was immediately take by the players into Pink Mohawk territory and beyond. All of the information given out about the parlour seemed to be ignored by the players which led to Black Kat putting herself into a situation that she had made for herself.

GMP: 10 total. 5 banked & 5 applied to Neon Rose