Family Night Part 1

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Family Night Part 1
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Aztechnology
Oathbane Guillermo Rodríguez


In which Oathbane is forcibly reunited with her family.


Oathbane is from an Aztechnology selective breeding program to try to make more mages, though this is a fruitless endeavor. She ran away from her parents' home about a year and a half ago. Her brother, Guillermo Rodríguez is a mystic adept who has decided that it's time she come home.

The Meet

One night while Oathbane is sleeping, Guillermo Rodríguez sneaks into her place. He slips past the security drone and ties Oathbane up while she is none the wiser. Oathbane wakes up as a chloroform rag is pushed over her face. She wakes up again seven hours later on a plane that's headed to the capital of Aztlan. There's some hostile sibling banter.

The Plan

The Run

After the plane lands, Oathbane is put into a faraday caged car, and the wireless-blocking hood is removed. Inside the car, she repeatedly bonks her head into the window in an attempt to distract her brother from noticing that she's trying to skin-link to the car. She connects to the car and uses Puppeteer to force the door to open; unfortunately she takes MASSIVE Fade. She should be knocked out, but she isn't. She rolls out the door as her Pet Sprite uses Gremlins on the car, causing it to turn down the wrong road. This gives her a few moments to quickly hide. She climbs into a dumpster and prepares to get on the matrix. She spots the car and her brother looking for her.

She gives Alexander-James Brodrick Johnson III a call, who is his usual sleazy self. He does, however, offer to help for two chips... and a date. She agrees to go clubbing with him. He calls her back five minutes later, and tells him to go to a building being rented by Cross Applied Technologies. She sneaks down the alley and uses her matrix powers to call over an auto-taxi. She climbs in just before her brother's car turns the corner. He's about to spot her, but she puppeteers the car to swerve to the side and stop, and he loses her again. She sends the auto-taxi to Cross Applied Technologies' rented building. Some very tense matrix rolls later...

She arrives at the building, which happens to be near an airfield where they're testing a new engine. She gets on the plane, and after she's in the air she gets a call on her brain from her brother. During the call, someone tries to hack her and she ends up with a mark on them. She knows it's someone on her brother's payroll. There's another tense sibling conversation before she gets hacked again. She shuts off her brain... and passes out.

She wakes up later in E-Vue, where Brodie J is waiting to go clubbing with her.


Oathbane's family knows about her Aztechnology residence. Moving would probably would be good... She's agreed to meet with her brother on 'even' grounds.


Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Sometimes we do things for our family. sometimes we do things for ourselves and I don't want a certain future to happen to me so I decided to make my own even if it's more dangerous and would cost me my life in the future… this program I was part of my life selective breeding to eventually create mages which is just so flawed with how magic actually works, just because two people are magic doesn't mean they're offspring are going to be and well I'm not a magical person… it just sickens me some time to know what even my own blood be willing to do