Fire Water Burn

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Fire Water Burn
LocationSeattle Downtown, Redmond, and Puyallup
Result Son of Spider Kage is killed, runners wanted by Shotozumi Gumi
Factions Involved
Grogali Gang Shotozumi-gumi Snake Eye's
Commanders and leaders
Aden Grogali Spider Kage (Ito Takashi)
Units involved
10 Elite gangers
1 Mage
Aden Grogali
few spirits
Casualties and losses
3 Elite Gangers, 1 Mage Son of Spider Kage None


After being dishonourably discharged from the MET2K for his callousness in battle, Aden Grogali arrives in Seattle with a vengeance. He spends months finding like-minded individuals, gangers with high-level combat skills, former mercs, gathering them into a squad of trained killers with which he begins to wreak havoc among the Syndicates operating in and around Puyallup.

Hearing of the Yakuza-Triad war heating up, he decides to fan the flames by kidnapping the son of Spider Kage, a powerful Yak lieutenant operating out of the Seattle Downtown and Tacoma areas. He gives the man an ultimatum, either attack the Kat's Cradle, a go-gang who do deliveries for the Italian Mafia in Puyallup City, or his son's life is forfeit.


The runners head to a Yak-owned club near the southern Downtown docks to meet with Spider Kage. They receive a less-than-warm welcome from their new employers, especially Rabbit due to her vampiric nature and prior indiscretions against the Yakuza and Rook for his Ork heritage. They are told the stakes of the run, and a healthy compensation is laid on the table for them in either nuyen or cyberware and weapons. Furthermore, they are told of a lower-end club near the Bellevue-Redmond border which Spider Kage's son used to frequent.


Making their way to a safe house first, the runners decide to investigate the kidnapping site at the Bellevue border club. Heading there, they are greeted by some ganger guards outside. Rabbit makes a show of intimidating one of them, go so far as to reveal her vampiric nature. The ganger is stunned with fear, though his fellow draws his weapon and backs away, calling for help. A stand-off quickly ensues and the rest of the group scatters, leaving Rabbit alone with them. Deciding they are not worth her time, she legs it, taking some fire from the gangers in the process.

After things have cooled off slightly, along with some chiding words to Rabbit from Snake Eyes in particular. He and Rook return to the club disguised as mercs looking for Rabbit, using her blunder to their advantage while Marion and Rabbit comb through a nearby alleyway, the location where the son was kidnapped, under their RPC cloaks. Following some questioning of the gang boss by Snake Eyes along with rubbing a bit of nuyen under his nose to smooth things along. They get access to the gang's camera footage and learn through analyzing them along with help from Rabbit's KE contact that the attackers are probably a man by the name of Aden Grogali and his men.

They use KE's info on the man to narrow down the potential location to a place in Puyallup near the Neon Killing. Waiting for the cover of night, they make their way there. Reaching a small, abandoned town, the runners scope it out first and find evidence of the Grogali gang's activity. They decide on a frontal assault with Rook leading the way.

Things go wrong at the start, however, as Rook's Astral Beacon gets him spotted by a patrolling Fire Spirit. Combat begins as the gangers move to investigate the disturbance, taking fire from Marion as they advance. One ganger lays down some suppressing fire to pin the runners down, but he is swiftly decapitated by Rabbit. A brutal, dirty firefight ensues as Rook charges forward, getting quickly cut off and surrounded by gangers. He is nearly overwhelmed by the volume of explosive rounds before escaping back to the team. Marion does his best, downing a heavily armored Troll and another ganger, even firing an Anti-Vehicle missile at Grogali who miraculously survives with little discomfort. The fight reaches its peak when Rabbit charges into their building to engage the mage, she gets gunned down by Aden and another ganger. Seeing no chance, and with Marion and Snake Eyes down for the moment, Rook grabs the two unconscious runners and retreats with gangers and an angry Air Spirit hot on his heels.

Back in the building, the gangers think Rabbit dead, not noticing as her Regeneration power kicks in and she stirs from the floor. Aden and the mage discuss moving the Yak boy away, blissfully unaware as Rabbit slowly raises her missile launcher and shoots an Anti-Vehicle rocket at the mage. He detonates in a shower of giblets as she makes her escape, narrowly avoiding the retaliatory fire from Aden and the ganger guard. (Burns 1 Edge to Smackdown a Defense Test).

With the run failed, the runners call Spider Kage to inform him but are put on hold for a moment. When he does take their call, his voice is tinged with a cold rage. His son has just been executed by Aden Grogali in vengeance for the death of the latter's mage. Frustrated himself, Rook berates the Yakuza man, insulting him over the comm. In anger Spider Kage declares them his enemies and places bounties on all their heads.


Spider Kage lost his son after he was executed by Aden Grogali. The Italian Mafia was not involved in the ongoing Yak-Triad war. The runners and their Fixers lose reputation with the Shotozumi Gumi and bounties are placed on their heads.


Player Characters

Snake Eyes

8 Karma Wanted: Shotozumi Gumi (40,000ny) -10 Rep Shotozumi Gumi


8 Karma Wanted: Shotozumi Gumi (40,000ny) -10 Rep Shotozumi Gumi 1 Burnt Edge

Alexey Dorosov, 5 Conn 2 Loy (Fixer)


8 Karma Wanted: Shotozumi Gumi (40,000ny) -10 Rep Shotozumi Gumi 1 Notoriety


8 Karma Wanted: Shotozumi Gumi (40,000ny) -10 Rep Shotozumi Gumi

Anything there is to say about this debacle is already over the wires, sorry to say. It should've been a clean and respectful job for the Yak, but Rabbit and Rook saw fit to make it a dogs breakfast, unfortunately. I'm grateful to rook for pulling me out, but I can't help but see that he contributed to that situation in the first place. Alas; there's nothing that can be done now.

Long story short, a team that couldn't work together bit off more than we could chew and we got fragged for it.