Flame in the desert

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Flame in the desert
531 × 620
Race Map
GMDoc Mnc
LocationThe Vegas wastes
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven opposing racers
Mystic Murray
Freddy Gas Hands
Jimmy Jamboree
Casualties and losses


Rodrick Bomart wants his ex dead and he wants it done in style. To this end he hires a team of runners to hunt the man down and assassinate him during a race. The team took to the job with enthusiasm biting the man to death mid-race before going on to win the race and claim the prize money.


Freddy gas hand, Rodrick Bomarts, ex-boyfriend, and ex-gang leader of a small gang, cheated on Rodrick. This proved to be a mistake Rodrick finding out and deciding the reasonable response was to order his ex's death. Pulling from his savings built up in his work as a 'corporate negotiator' he hired a runner team to make a point and end Freddies life.

The Meet

The team got calls from their fixers in the morning with the news someone was looking to hire them and instructions to meet at the Zion, a club in renton. Meeting the haggard looking Johnson he explained the job and what he was looking for. After some negotiations the team got him to raise the amount of pay he was offering by 1K each and left the meet to head for the smuggler who'd be taking them to vegas.

The Plan

Making it to vegas without incident the team decided to look around a bit. They found their way to an establishment called "The sunrise" which served as a runner hub getting some info from an official and bribing him they also started taunting Freddy. Setting up a social media taunt which he bought hook line and sinker.

The Run

Making it to the day of the race without incident the team was ready to cause some carnage. Splitting into two teams Mystic Murray accompanied Nogitsune in his Armadillo while Envy and Voiceless caught a ride in Canter's car. The race got off to a fast start the runners looking like they might leave Freddy behind. Canter dropped back tailing him through the dead woods. Through the sand dunes Nogitsune continued to taunt Freddy making him increasingly angry till he rolled down his window and started making rude gestures. Voiceless immediately saw an opportunity. Hitting the first of the rocky sections Nogitsune chose to simply drive off the cliff rather than make his way down one of the two paths. In the throes of his rage Freddy chose to follow him, this was his second mistake. Canter having pulled up besides him positioned herself just near his open window. Voiceless takes this moment to jump onto his car getting her body half through Freddys window. As they hit the ground Freddy makes his third mistake when he fails to bail out his car. Dodging him and his deckers attempts at shooting her Voiceless proceeds to bite a large chunk out of his shoulder knocking him unconscious from shock but not directly killing him. Voiceless and decker both dive out the car as it drives directly into the upcoming steep embankment killing freddy. The decker ends up directly under a cars wheels dying himself while voiceless is picked up by Canter who drifts her car just right on sand, at high speed in a display of true skill and complete lack of regard for safety protocols.

Now climbing the embankment Canter casts ice sheet at the top which backfires as Jimmy Jamboree rams Nogitsunes armadillo onto the ice. What follows is a moment of chaos as Canter rams him in turn trying to prevent him from hitting nogitsune, though she's only partially successful. After an edge test to untangle the multiple rams and manoeuvres of varying levels of success Jimmy ends up sliding out on the ice and suffering a lethal crash.

Some of the other racers take shots at the team's cars as they head for the mud but are dissuaded when Voiceless darts one of the drivers with Narcojet and Mystic Murray levitates ones gun out of his car.

Finishing the first lap the team looks to be on the way to victory having overtaken J after a failed attempt at ramming his Horizon Doble Revolution off the track. However just as they come out of the woods the camera drones cut out flashing up the ARO "IT'S J TIME" followed by J deploying an Aztechnology striker loaded with anti-vehicle rockets. Before he gets a chance to do this the team displays a tendency to not ask questions shattering the ballistic glass of his cockpit and gunning him down.

The last of the competitors brave or skilled enough to contest their victory dead Canter takes the races victory with Nogitsune coming in second.


Voiceless does a quick disappearing act at the end of the race to avoid a policeman who'd like to ask some question about her biting one "Freddy gas hands" to death. Once the team makes it back to seattle getting a lift from a smuggling contact they meet with the J again. He's impressed with their work and pays them in full.


21K Nuyen (11RVP) 2 Karma (2 RVP)

Game Quotes

GM: You jump out the cars window in midair?

Voiceless: Yes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


“Lot of very capable runners on this jog. I like to think I can drive a car when needed right, but this mission just proved I don't know drek about driving. If I ever need a real driver, I know to call Canter or Nogitsune.”

“Driving wasn’t the whole show though. I have seen some street sams do some ridiculous things in my life, but Voiceless earned herself a spot way up on that list. She lept from one moving vehicle into another moving vehicle, while they were both in mid air! Then once she got over there, she bit out the drivers throat (our target) and rolled out of the car! Was some wild shit for sure and that was just the first lap…”

Mystic Murray

"we kicked ass and took names, plain and simple. Makes me want to buy a fast car and find a place to learn to drive like that. Turns out I like Vegas after all!"


That was a fun one. Nice vacation in Vegas before the run, got to meet a few interesting people. Nogitsune did a good job riling up the mark, the officials were nice and corrupt, so they were easy to bribe. The competition was a little too easy at first, til Canter slowed up and started lurking right behind our target while Nogitsune worked to piss him off, which led to the PERFECT opportunity to put on a show for the fans. I swapped to Freddy's car in mid air, since the drekhead had the window rolled down to give Nogitsune the bird, and bit him up badly enough that he passed out while his decker buddy tried shooting at me. Thankfully, he was a terrible shot, and I managed to avoid the bullets, and the ensuing wreck, by getting back out of the car just in time for Canter to come pick me up. Not... Sure exactly what kind of black magic witchery she did to get me back in the car, but I didn't even get a bruise!

After that, it was just a simple matter of persuading the guys on the Morgans that not shooting at us was preferable to us shooting back, so they backed off after seeing what we were doing to the other racers, and getting rid of the guy on the Horizon weird bike thingy once he decided to bring a rocket launcher into play. Between Nogitsune and myself, we got rid of him quickly, with my shot bursting the glass to open up the way for his. Then I just had to sit back and relax while Canter walked away from it, and pull my usual ninja trick to avoid the cops that were looking for a murder suspect with a description suspiciously like myself.

Nogitsune Making an agreement with horizon was a very stupid and dumb idea I should have never done but it was something that was necessary to perform, asides from the point. so a man on a bike thought he could use a rocket launcher to deal with us and well thankfully for my teammate who broke the glass it allowed me to find a nice good hole in it. We assassins rely off instincts sometimes and I allow my own nature to take over and put him down for a single round which was a very effective thing even if I'm not very skilled with pistols at least showed that this whole damn man got more work in him still and well that’s what I get for trying to outrace a rigger, but it was worth a try