Mystic Murray

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Mystic Murray
Mystic Murray.png
Mysad combat mage
Ghoul. Troll. Mage. Adept. All you could ever ask for.
Here to kick ass and chew on your gums
MetatypeTroll (giant) Ghoul
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
D.O.B.June 10, 2056
PriorityMetatype - A
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - B
Skills - E
Resources - E

Character Information


An infected red mage and itinerant drifter, specializing in combat magic and beast spirits. Also far quicker on the draw than a "walking corpse" has any right to be. Mystic Murray’s path to the shadows began when he befriended a shaman preaching the end of the natural order, and was infected by a ghoul in a failed attempt to defend said shaman. When he transformed and subsequently awakened, guided by the shamanic teachings of his mentor, he soon found himself being tutored by Dragonslayer and took on shadow work looking for a cause to test his abilities. Murray is a steadfast soul, naturally honest and direct, and growing into the idea of acting against the world instead of just reacting to it for once.


Find a cause that Dragonslayer approves of

Get an ethical food source

Shower, or at least stand outside in the acid rain with some soap

Prove himself to be the biggest and baddest ghoul in Puyallup

Meet another Red Mage to see if there’s anything left to learn

Find some friends he's not worried about infecting


Murray’s story begins in the cracked hellscape of Puyallup, with a destitute shaman turned street preacher and a homeless young troll drifter looking for company. The former’s name, once Murray, lives on only in Murray’s memory, and the latter was of course Mystic Murray himself, before he used that name. They met looking for shelter from the acid rain and roving gangs, and in each other found a strange kinship. The shaman taught Murray that the blasted wastes of Puyallup was what happened when man decided to put himself above beasts, and that returning to a state of primal balance is impossible. In return, Murray listened to the old man’s ramblings, and kept the two safe from harm as best he could. In this way Murray learned some understanding of how magic works, despite being mundane.

But this arrangement was not meant to last. A feral ghoul, mad with hunger, came upon the duo while they were sleeping. By the time Mystic Murray fought it off, the shaman had been ripped to pieces and Murray was bleeding from the ghoul’s claws in a dozen locations, with infection almost guaranteed. The transformation almost destroyed his mind, but through the shamanic mantras he was able to reconcile his own identity with the gnawing hunger and push through to the other side, a newly Awakened ghoul with a new lease on life. Building his own chaotic belief system to explain what happened to him, Murray found himself on the path of Red Magic, believing himself to be in tune with his animal origins yet remaining human.

The next few months were spent seeking out more knowledge of magic and aimlessly drifting, until the next defining event in Mystic Murray’s life hit him. The decision to use his powers and stop a Knight Errant squad from beating a certain journalist to death earned the attention of Dragonslayer. From then on Murray’s waking hours have been periodically interrupted by an ethereal yet unmistakably ripped man exhorting him to face down the evils of the world and lightning bolt their faces in. Mystic Murray still isn’t sure how to respond to that, but he’s started taking shadow work to keep flesh on the table, taking on the name Mystic Murray to honor his mentor. He earned his place in Shadowhaven after he proved his trustworthiness to Patches, and the rest is history.

Narrative Significant Qualities


Mystic Adept (Red Magic): Murray subconsciously taps into the domain of red, fueled by all animal life on earth.

Mentor Spirit (Dragonslayer): "There's a buff guy in my head who keeps telling me to kick more ass."

Shoot First, Don't Ask: Murray's time on the streets didn't give him much room for things like tactical analysis. When he acts, he just acts.

Mentor's Mask: When casting spells (or using active adept powers if he gets any) spectral muscles appear over his actual muscles on his arms and flames appear around his body. If he's casting a combat spell, the aura forms a gun enveloping the hand casting the spell to "fire" the spell at his target.


Hobo with a Shotgun: Mystic Murray isn't one for the finer things in life. A cheap cigar and a troll-sized couch to crash on is all he needs.

Imcompetent (Biotech): "Sorry, field surgery just makes me too hungry to concentrate."

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Of Sprints & PhantomsBlood_Librarian13 October 2082
Flame in the desertDoc Mnc26 September 2082



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Patches 2 4 Fixer Independent Journalist Ghoul Organlegger, Legality Optional, Fresh Meat, The Enemy of My Enemy, All Press is Good Press Even




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 He's huge, and he's a ghoul.
3 He's magic, following some obscure tradition
5 Mystic Murray is a Mystic Adept, like the name would suggest. He's a combat mage at heart. Loves his Zen.


Raul Richter, Calfree - R4


Almost always seen wearing a pair of sunglasses and smoking a cigar. Big, even by troll standards, but not as slender as other giants due to HMHVV bulking him up. Not a single hair on his body made it though the infection, so he's bald and devoid of facial hair. Murray has arcing pointed horns and cybereyes designed to imitate the milky cataracts of a ware-less ghoul.


Murray wears a green bomber jacket over a ragged tank top and camo pants as street wear, and if he needs to go outside in the daytime he supplements this with a full-body cloak, hoodie, and fingerless gloves

Matrix Persona

A cheerful-looking troll wearing a Hawaiian shirt and holding a blunt.

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