Of Sprints & Phantoms

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Of Sprints & Phantoms
LocationRoute 9
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Red Rovers
MDC Orbital
Mystic Murray
Disorderly Construct
Casualties and losses
A dozen security goons


engines do not run as it can't talk to the manufacturer, Red Rover doesn't want to risk the engine with their hacker. A transponder needs to be registered and accredited with MDC’s system to look like the real deal without them knowing it is compromised. It can either be stolen from a shipment of engines inbound to the site in a week or the one they got can be registered right there. It needs a special machine with a diamond press forge to modify the photonic core to do it. which leads to the runners and drone army, overrunning a building to grab what is needed for the mission.


Stealing a very expensive piece of technology and once more engine that requires a bunch of finite and other necessary components to make sure you're working and not counting the fact that this thing is an alarm with a thing to set off that it has been stolen or been modified.

The Meet

The runners would show up to the people who are been requesting the job at a facility as being modified and operated with concrete being poured talking about his blight and therefore he continue on with explaining what the runners want and due to the vehicles that runners have they would have to turn on their safety mechanisms but if not they would be stolen from

The Plan

The runners begin to develop and analyze the plan to do, from the different points of view that begin to hatch out plans making sure to call in someone who can have a machine that can help fragile eyes the transponder that the goal is been so steal. once more the job require a bit of subterfuge and espionage with two of the riders blending in as employees and getting inside an throughout the course of it it was ready with a C4 charge set up on the wall to blow up and they would begin to see acquiring the plates and the other necessary information and then leaving to making sure they can get these things can be modified necessary for the run

The Run

Of course, the run was going to plan until someone said one wrong thing and tried to hack the host, which lead to call being setout and the guards being put on alert. one of the runners had a jammer and trigger it to weaken the deckers and then the runners with their mini-army would bring down the guards and get it done


Sounds like the runners got the job done and the J made it into the run without being caught


14 RVP 6 Karma (6 RVP) 16 K Nuyen (8 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Scrappenny Of course stealing a piece of expensive pizza technology that sounds like the normal things asides trying to get into the planes without alerting people and trying to limit the amount of casualties as well but overall we completed the job and got paid