Flash Terror in Rave Town

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Flash Terror in Rave Town
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven RGB
Samba De Sangre


Runners save party from being crashed


J's party was being crashed by drones. He asked for runners to come save him by posting a video of his party being attacked on the Haven. Four runners responded.

The Meet

There was no meet

The Plan

There was no plan

The Run

The group pulls up to a parking lot where the party was being held. They see a bunch of Skitters and Anthrodrones with RGB Lights who are rampaging on the party guests with guns. Samba took out a group of Anthro-drones with a Ball Lightning. Lucky does a drift, leans out of his car-window, and sprays down a Skitter with Stick and Shock. Crossfire jumped out of her car and went to save a group of party-goers with her Rotodrones. Nitrox ran over a bunch of Skitters with his car. Samba went running into the Skitters and ended up being almost covered in Skitters and had some follow her. Then she zaps herself with lightning, taking out all of the skitters. Lucky drives over and saves Crossfire when she gets surrounded by Skitters. Crossfire cleans up the last few with her drones. The party then exchanges nods with the "J" and drives off.


The team felt good about saving people and got a little more popular.


12 Karma 1 Street Cred 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Well, that was a thing. I got to use my medic stuff though so, I'm not really upset.


Got a lot of kills on Skitters with my car. Shame I had to run with two blasted magicians... *grumble grumble*


to the Beat of ("Gas,Gas,Gas")

The Trid opens with a shot similar to on-board cams of Racing Cars, as Lucky is about to pull the Handbrake. Cut to an Outside Shot. The Jackrabbit is doing a near perfect Drift into a Backyard, full of Party Equipment, speakers, boxes, tables, chairs , a lot of Skitters and Anthrodrones with RGB Lights seemingly going rampage on the party guests. While a Group of those Anthro-drones gets taken out by a Ball Lightning (Sim-sense users feel their hair stand up due to the current and can hear the cracking more clearly through the Music), Lucky leans out of his car-window and sprays down a Skitter with Stick and Shock. The Small drone erupts in a bright Flash. Cut to a different angle. You can see three other people enter the Backyard, one casting what is presumably the Ball Lightning, one sending in Rotodrones, which begin to shoot at the remaining Anthros and a person who shoots two of the Anthros. Then the flash happens. After it clears up you can see another Car running over Skitters in a straight line, vanishing in a cloud of smokes and Flashes, the Magician being almost covered in Skitters with some that follow. Then the magician calls down a Lightning Strike on themselfes and obliterate all the drones on and around them, also vanishing in a cloud of colored smoke and flashes. Lastly even Lucky´s Car gets covered in smoke and flashes. Edited in, appears a Sesnsory overlay, indicating the presence of a humanoid figure and several small things around it. Lucky steers in the diection and floors it. In Slow-Mo you can hear the crunches and explosions of the skitters he runs over and just as the view clears up, it becomes clear that the figure is indeed a person, the same that commanded the drones and Lucky manages to take a sharp turn just in the nick of time, which results in a nice Donut around this person, crushing the remaining Skitters. The Drone Operator then proceeds to look in a direction and sprint out of sight. The trid ends with a short Clip of Lucky walking around the Backyard, his magnetic Boots picking up more and more remains of the drones, resulting in a crunching sound as he walks and the trid fades to black.