Flobots - Journey After (War Fatigues)(Part 4)

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Flobots - Journey After (War Fatigues)(Part 4)
Result The Team successfully eliminated Backtalk
Factions Involved
Cyber Knight
"Dandy" Dale Hardin
Trip D
Commanders and leaders
Ninja Bricking Party
Casualties and losses
Over one and a half dozen Trip D mercs, two attack choppers, 3 spirits (disrupted) Backtalk


During the events of War Fatigues part 3, Cyber Knight promised Sludge (a former Haven runner), as he killed him, that he would avenge Sludge. Knowing full well that Sludge was a mental patient, suffering from cyber psychosis and was forced to take drugs which resulted in a lot of collateral damage, during a run, including Backtalk's sister. Blaming the deaths of his sister and Sludge on Backtalk (another haven runner) himself. Cyber Knight pursued him to SEA-TAC, but was unable to hunt him down. Cyber Knight asked for a favor from his fixer King Midas to finance a wetwork run to go after Backtalk.


The meet happened at the Big Rhino, an ork operated eatery in downtown, famous for their large portions. Cyber Knight acted as the Johnson, making the deal with Fischer, Ranger, Kilbo and Dandy; with the caveat that Knight himself would be part of the team.


Midas told Knight that Backtalk was hiding in Cuba in a big mansion. The team decided the best course of action would be to hire a shipping crate and take a sea route to Cuba, being more discrete and also with the ability to bring more gear and vehicles. Cyber Knight used his Vory connections to finance a trip to Cuba. Fisher performed some legwork to dig up dirt of Backtalk, which revealed it was a run against Horizon that went bad. Fisher made a backroom deal with Horizon for extra money if he can secure some information from Backtalk before eliminating him. More legwork revealed that Backtalk was running an effective PR campaign against Cyber Knight as he was expecting Knight to come after him. Backtalk had also hired a regiment of the infamous Trip D mercenaries. A cuban contact named Sandra Barragan, informed the team that Trip D had pretty much taken over the town and is forcing their agenda on everyone, hoping the team liberates them from Trip D tyranny.

The team landed in the docks with Kilbo and Cyber Knight taking out two scouts and making a deal with the police to stay out of the conflict. Despite this the police does show up two more time due to escalated violence, but Kilbo was able to bribe/convince them to turn a blind eye, since there was no civilian casualties or public property damage. Later, Cyber Knight, Ranger and Dandy decided to scout out Backtalk's compound, since they had the element of surprise. The plan did not go well and the team was ambushed by a group of Triple D mercs on the prowl. After killing all the mercs and losing whatever stealth option there was, the entire team decided to charge head on into the mansion compound. On the way Fisher was also attacked in the matrix by Backtalk's buddy, Ninja Bricking Squad, but was digitally bitch slapped by Fisher as the NPC decker was nowhere near Fischer's league

What followed was a glorious and chaotic symphony of blood, explosions and over the top violence. Kilbo and Cyber Knight rammed the "Kill-Van" through the barricade, heading into melee and chopping the mercs left and right, while Fisher used an Aztechnology striker to blow out the tail of one of Trip D's attack choppers and hacked the helicopter that Backtalk was using to escape, using it to rain down death from above on Trip D ground forces. Trip D tried hard to take down Kilbo and Cyer Knight, resorting to multiple HE grenades but ultimately couldn't bring down the bipedal tanks. Panicked they attempted to retreat, only to be cut down by the two trogs. Fischer cleaned up the rest of the forces with more missiles while Dandy and Ranged took down some of the long range targets.

After the massacre, Backtalk, Ninja and Incendium surrendered offering ransom for their release. The team took the money from Ninja and Incendium, letting them free but true to his promise, Cyber Knight killed Backtalk by throwing him into the spinning helicopter blades. The team donated the gore covered helicopter to the cops as well as the bullet riddled mansion, to the cops having liberated the town from the clutches of tyrannical mercenaries. Viva la Revolution.


Sludge's death was avenged by his own killer, by eliminating the person who ordered the hit. Triple D suffered major loses in soldiers and property as well as taking a big hit to their reputation. Afterall what good is a merc company if they get their asses handed to them by 5 runners.


5000 nuyen upfront , 15000 pay out. 3000 nuyen from Horizon. 14000 from NPC runners. 2 karma +3 Streets of Cuba -1 Aztech kilbo -200 to Kilbo for DDD +3 Horizon

Player AARs

Cyber Knight

AAR: They say the taste of revenge is bittersweet, but I like it. Son of a bitch thought he's safe in Cuba? That some 2 bit mercs and PR campaign save his ass? Maybe, against other people. But I'm not other people. I'm Cyber motherfocking Knight and I'm a one man army. When I turned his villa into a war-torn hellscape and threw his ass into the chopper blades, yeah, I think Sludge can rest easy now. RIP.


Paid 1000 nuyen in bribes




WFTP 10,000 nuyen to 5 karma