Flobots - Mayday

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Flobots - Mayday
Result Partial victory; Two tattered black flags are placed on the United Corperate Council building in Seattle, but KE HTR is able to stop the protesters from entering the building. Horizon inflitrator gets insider footage for the Mayday prepareations, helping Horizon spin the story to the Technocratic Party's favor.
Factions Involved.
Tattered Black Flags Knight Errant
Enduring Resistance
Commanders and leaders
Color Palette
Casualties and losses
None None


A Horizon infiltrator has convinced Gasoline, a leader in Tattered Black Flags, that he is a blogger for KSAF and doing a documentary will help their cause.


The three intrepid shadowrunners arrive at the Mayday demonstrations in Downtown Seattle. They are each there for their own reasons. Maddox is following a vision/dream of his. Val is there for old time sake. Fischer is there on a whim. The trio makes their locations known through the shadowhaven app on their devices. There they cut through the festive crowds, there's even a DJ on top of a building spinnin' mad beats, and find their way to one of the many tents set up to help those who hurt when some scaffolding fell. There they meet their Johnson, Gasoline. Gasoline regales the team with his plans to reroute KE forces. Then it is down to business. The runners' mission, should they choose to accept it, is to keep Howard Oliver alive and safe while he records the MayDay protests. Fischer believes he can get more money from Gasoline. In exchange for protecting Howard, and the protesters up to the Corporate Council building from KE defenses the runners will receive 40,000 nuyen. With both parties agreed, the runners head out into the protests with Howard Oliver.


Oliver Howard begins filming the protests. He captures first hand KE's brutality. At one KE checkpoint, they grab an ork woman and bring her in for questioning. After some time they release her back into the crowd. This was dangerous however as the protesters felt she snitched for her freedom. The crowd was getting more pushy and violent, but Fischer quickly jumps into a KE drone and crashes it into her. At this point, the crowd backs off. The next major event was a bomb threat. A conservative group planted a bomb in between the protests. The protesters are in danger, but the runners quickly perceive the threat and Maddox quickly levitates the bomb into the river where it drowns to the bottom. Finally, the pacifist group, Enduring Resistance show themselves but are talked down by Fischer. The protests continue throughout the day. Finally, it is time, time to take the fight to the Corporate Council. There are barriers set up but with the help of Fischer and Val the barriers fall and KE forces are sent retreating. Two tattered black flags are planted into the Corporate Council building.


The Tattered Black Flags are taking their victory lap, and the runners got paid, and Horizon got their footage.


40000 nuyen, 2 Karma + 3 Anarchist Black Cross + 3 Tatterd Black Flags -1 Enduring Resistance + 3 Horizon

Player AARs


WFTP 20,000 nuyen > 5 Karma