Forget the Cage, We Know How to Make the Key

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Forget the Cage, We Know How to Make the Key
Part of Adversaries
LocationSan Francisco
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Captain Boomerang
Casualties and losses
None Lots of guards


A follow-up to Leave the Cage and Take the Key. The team breaks Taka, a former Renraku corpsec officer, out of a high-security Renraku prison.


Sharptusk, a young ork shadowrunner with Neo-Haven, had a plan to run away with his two partners; Missy, an elf mage who worked for KE, and Taka, who was Renraku corpsec. Neo-Haven's plan to extract them not only didn't work out, it failed spectacularly; so Sharptusk went to ShadowHaven for help instead.
Another ShadowHaven team has already extracted Missy. Now, it's up to Vip3r, Riot, Captain Boomerang, and Flak to rescue Taka.

The Meet

The group meets Sharptusk in The Daze. He's there with Missy, as well as his fixer, Mary Claire. Mary Claire explains the details of the run, and tells the group that they will be extracting Taka from a Renraku holding facility in San Francisco. She gives Vip3r a datachip that contains basic information on the facility's layout and location, and agrees to arrange the team's transportation by boat to and from San Francisco.

The Plan

Vip3r searches for information on the site, and discovers the facility's exact location and some basic information about its security protocols and the equipment used by its personnel. She also discovers that it's a high security prison.
Additionally, she calls in a favor from her infobroker contact, Betz, who gives her additional information on what the host is like and what she can expect while attempting to hack into it.
First, the group plans to have Vip3r infiltrate the host to find more specific information on the building's floorplan and where Taka is being kept.

The Run

Vip3r hacks remotely into the prison's Matrix host and manages to find the information she's looking for. The building is relatively small, with four tiered floors that have a large, square hole in the middle which allow the prison guards and ceiling-mounted rotodrones a clear shot to any threat below.

One of Flak's contacts, Chloe Cunningham, has ties to a pro-metahuman anarchist group in the area. Flak asks if they happen to have any people locked up in the Renraku prison here, and as it turns out, one of their high-ranking members an inmate. They're willing to join the fray to offer backup and break their man out as well. The team has Flak blast a hole in the outside wall of Taka's cell using her explosives, and they fight their way out with Taka in tow and leave through the front door. Vip3r provides Matrix support from the van.


The team makes their getaway with Taka and bring him back to Seattle to reunite with Sharptusk and Missy.


Ghostlin offered players two reward options.
1) 8,000 nuyen and 12 karma.
2) 8,000 nuyen, Mary Claire as a contact with 2 loyalty, and 8 karma.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


My first real run in years, and it's a R6 industry host with two spiders on guard. I'm shocked I made it out of there. Talk about a trial by fire.

Captain Boomerang

Frag, that was a fight. Everywhere I look, everyone was just on point. Great performance off the newbies, and, naturally, off Riot. I haven't had a fight that refreshing on the job in a while. Frag... oh, and glad those three got back together. Cute relationship.


Great team worked together well I think, got in, got the targets, got out, none of our team got hurt, pretty sure this would be considered a victory, also the people we helped were pretty fraggin nice.