Leave the Cage and Take the Key

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Leave the Cage and Take the Key
Part of Adversaries
LocationDowntown KE precinct
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Knight Errant
John Brown


Sharptooth, a Neo-Haven runner, hires some Haven runners (Crone, John Brown, Shimmer and Rasputin) to break his girlfriend, Missy, out of a KE precinct.


Neo-Haven failed big time to break Sharptooth's girlfriend and boyfriend, Missy and Taka, out from KE and Renraku, respectively. He's now asking the Haven to help instead.

The Meet

The runners meet up with Sharptooth and his fixer, Mary Claire, in the Daze. She gives them details on where Missy's being held, what she looks like, etc.

The Plan

Crone comes up with the absolutely fantastic plan of driving her van right into the precinct where KE is keeping Missy. It is decided that most of the team will go in guns blazing like that as a distraction while Shimmer sneaks in through the sewers and breaks Missy out.

The Run

John Brown calls upon the assistance of Chipper and the Adolescent SURGEd Shinobi Amphibians to retrieve a floorplan of the KE precinct and guide Shimmer through the sewers to the precinct. Shimmer sneaks her way in, bypasses a couple doors, and arrives at the holding cells, which are in a magical dead zone. She signals the others that she's in, and Crone drives her van in through the front door. She does a few donuts in the lobby before stopping and unleashing suppressing fire upon all the KE officers inside. Rasputin jumps out of the van and start firing too while John Brown relieves the officers of their weapons. They make quick work of the security, and Shimmer finishes breaking Missy out. They load her into the van, free the rest of the prisoners too, and drive off, with Crone easily shaking the pursuit off their tail.


Sharptooth and Missy are reunited, and they go to worry about getting Taka out of Renraku


8k nuyen, 10 karma, 2 cdp


8k nuyen, 7 karma, Mary Claire as a 3/1 contact, 2 cdp

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


My second police breakout on the haven, and it went considerably better than the last one! The van stuff was... kinda ridiculous, but if it works it works, I guess.


Wooo! I've never gotten to drive INSIDE of a police building before! That was FUN.


That was much louder than we tend to run. Got my blood pumping real good.

John Brown

We are truly modern-day ninjas, masters of the shadowy arts. On a side note, I never expected van-based mass homicide to be so cathartic. I haven't been that close to the police since Dad got arrested, and I definitely enjoyed this time more than that time. It still feels kind of absurd that we took out basically everyone *except* the one guard we needed to distract, but it was a hell of a distraction.