Fractal Punch

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Fractal Punch
LocationThe matrix
Factions Involved
Hans Brackhaus


Crypt3ch and Sc4rl3tt answer a call to do a little data rearranging without getting caught. Though there was a lot of eye-rolling, they made it out without a hitch.


In order for Saeder-Krupp to increase its share in satellite telecommunications, two hackers were hired to take down an Aztechnology satellite.

The Meet

Crypt3ch decided that the best way to blend in to the cowboy cafe the Johnson had selected was to be an obnoxious cowboy in a western stereotype. The pair met the Johnson, Hans Brackhaus, over a lot of eye-rolling from Sc4rl3tt and a badly ordered glass of sarsaparilla that Crypt3ch didn't touch. Herr Brackhaus asked the pair to get into a data host and change a few things for him - no questions asked and they couldn't get spotted. Both hackers agreed to the pay, and the Johnson left, still rolling his eyes at Crypt3ch.

The Plan

The pair decided to divide up the work equally - Sc4rl3tt concentrating on the edits within the data host, and Crypt3ch deciding to show off and do everything he could to impress Sc4rl3tt and impress on her that he was the superior specimen. They waited until the appointed time, in which Sc4rl3tt started compiling minions and Crypt3ch watched T.V.

The Run

Getting in was easy - the destination host practically invited them in. Hopping to the data host similarly was quite easy; but the files they needed to edit were encrypted and set with data bombs. Rather than risk anyone noticing they'd been touched, Sc4rl3tt worked her matrix voodoo to ensure nothing would be amiss - though she did have to send a sprite back home to Fairyland when it was flagged by a Patrol IC. When trying to move to the industry host, Crypt3ch caused a glitch, sucking both Sc4rl3tt and himself into the host, along with the alerted Patrol IC. The other IC's within the industry host did not like their new friend and flagged the Patrol IC from the data host as an anomaly and proceeded to try beat him up. Crypt3ch easily forced himself onto the industry host, inserting the required code. The pair managed to get out without incident.


Both hackers were paid in full, plus 10% for getting out without being detected.

Later, the news reported that an Aztechnology satellite had left Earth's orbit. Saeder-Krupp market share in global communications increased 0.5 %.


20,000 Nuyen plus 2,000 nuyen for being sneaky 5 Karam 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Other than having to listen to Crypt3ch pretend to be Rango and gush about how amazing he was, it went exactly to plan.


Bah! When you sling code this good you don't gotta listen to critics like that resonance rat. My programs slot 'cuz I'm so novahot.